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2020-04-30 17:21:13

Good Day Crunchers.
I recently added 2 boxes to work on multiple projects.

Used the server edition and installed everything to get the GPU working ok.
I am having the following problems:-
1. Cannot get 2 cards to work on one box. When the command ''lspci' is typed, I only see one NVIDIA card.
2. My boxes are detected as being 32-bit systems.
I checked but OS in both are 64 bit, BOINC client is also 64 bit.
Because of this I guess I am being given only 32 bit work. Is there a way to check this?
Also I notice I am not getting any GPU work at all. I guess this is again because everything now works on 64 bits.

If anyone has had similar experience I would much appreciate your help / guidance.

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2020-05-03 12:22:43

This looks more a problem with the GPUGRID-project than with BOINC it self. Best to ask the same question in the forum of GPUGRID.
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