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2006-09-14 01:37:31

I recently just noticed a problem that has been occuring with BOINC and CPUIdle (along with RMClock Utility), CPUIdle when being run helps keep your computer cool and RMClock is basically a power saving program that also regulates the CPU. When running either CPUIdle or RMClock Utility my CPU shoots up to 100% usage but the odd thing about this is that it doesn't cause things to be loud, which leads me to assume that these two programs aren't actually using 100% usage but simply regulating the hardware which I guess causes the cpu to think that. Anyways, when running these programs (which I need to help keep my computer cool and to help save power) with BOINC it really slows down my distributed computing projects (right now I am running SZTAKI and the BBC Climate Change Experiment and when I had these programs running earlier today SZTAKI was at 400 MFlOps and BBC at 1.7 MFlOps, usually it is at 400 also though). Right now I don't have CPUIdle or RMClock running and these two projects are now running at 1.700 GFlOps. Im not exactly sure who is the culprit of all this at the moment but right now my guess is that BOINC thinks that since these programs are seemingly use 100% CPU Usage that I do not have very much to use at that moment and it is slowing down the projects. I didn't see an official BOINC forum for the program so I thought that the next best place to post a problem would be here. Currently, I am running under Windows XP Professional with an Intel Pentium 4 3.20 GHz (Northwood) with the latest BOINC (by the way I use BOINCView instead of the default BOINC and also are using an Optimized BOINC (dumas777)). Thanx.
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2006-09-14 17:01:28

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