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2007-10-09 22:24:49

I really like the idea of certificates since they'd surely cost very little if it was just a webpage that the user printed off themselves.

Already exists on some projects. It might even be part of the standard server software.

It is. Add cert1.php at the end of any project URL.

This worked on all projects for me except E@H a
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2007-11-16 13:24:27

Corporate and individual philanthropic donations have tax incentives. If you think CPU time is analogous to financial contributions, then it makes sense to lobby governments to treat it as such. There are some disadvantages to this paradigm. Many people don't want the additional government breathing down their backs, auditing their records, validating their results. So such a program should allow people to opt out. If it is done right, with enhanced security and QC, just think of all the additional corporate servers and private individuals. We could really see massive DC.
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