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2007-04-12 02:10:46

Hello all

Ok i'm still new and just bought this laptop and i was just wondering, it has the amd tl-60 processor and i have read that the dual cores run much cooler and it does seem too. I haven't yet found a freeware program that works right with vista to check on processor temps but i have a laptop cooler and it works great i never find a hot spot anywhere so i guess i'm ok but i do still wonder and havent found any posts on weither running my processors at 100% all the time will shorten the "life" of my laptop? I know alot of people leave their desktops on all the time but just not sure about laptops. I run 4 projects in the background always and it doesnt seem to slow me down at all.
Thanks for any answers.
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2007-04-12 10:20:07

As long as your temps are ok, running at 100% should not shorten your computer's life significantly. Temps are a problem on laptops, they generally have barely adequate cooling systems do to their small size.

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2007-05-07 00:13:12

If it looks like it's running cool, you should be OK. My Pentium 4 laptop runs very hot, so I've limited it to 50% (by using only one logical processor).

I actually killed one that had a defect with the temperature protection (it should shut down before heating up to the point where it causes damage), and it ended up blistering the plastic and messing up the USB ports as well. Fortunately, it was under warranty and I got a new one out of it. Haven't had any problems with the new one, even running up to the magic turn-off temperature. I still run BOINC at 50% load though, just to be safe and since my appartment doesn't have AC.
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