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2007-06-23 15:50:51

I updated my BOINC Manager from 5.8.16 to 5.10.7, and have wound up with two host computer being displayed. Is there a way to merge these two hosts together?
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2007-06-23 17:28:27

you must go to the project(s)'s website and log into your account from there. Next go to "computers" and click on the host. from there should be an option to merge.
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2007-06-30 10:47:46

Ehm i have the same problem but some projects won't let you merge like : cpdn
This happened after 5.10.7 crashed and i had to reinstall it, all projects where killed at that moment as well.
As far as i can see was i able to merge most hosts but somehow on boincstats i keep seeing the old
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