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2009-02-04 07:10:05

i am afraid no luck

In the meantime make a suggestion for a well updated and functional linux distro
By now, you've probably realized that I'm not exactly a Linux master either.
Hopefully somebody who knows Debian well will find this thread and have an idea.
Otherwise, I would probably reinstall Debian and try it all over again, this time going directly to apt-get

On most of my Linux boxes, I'm running Gentoo, but it is not a good distro to play around with and get acquainted with Linux.
It's fast as heck, but it takes quite a while to install and get going.

If you do decide to go with Gentoo, follow the instructions in the installation handbook as closely as possible.
After you've got the system running, there's a nice (albiet incomplete) guide to installing BOINC on Gentoo on the BOINC wiki
Gabriel V LePage
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2009-02-04 07:12:39

Thanks for your help and advice.

I am not sure what happend but something horrible did that is for sure.

LOL I will reinstall Linux tomorrow night.

Good night

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