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2009-02-19 00:16:39

Hi, I have a question.
Id like to use more of the resources my pc has, a week ago I upgraded my boinc to version 6.4.5 to get support for nvidia cuda.
I upgraded to cuda because it was annoying me that my cpu was doing all the work, while my gpu was idling.
Then I upgraded my graphics card driver accordingly, now cuda works, thats fine, but now the cpu is idling most of the time.
Cpu is showing system usage 2-20% , it used to be 49\49% before the upgrade to cuda. Whats up with that?

My cpu is amd x2 6400+ 3,2ghz, system memory is 4 gigs of ram, i have a dual gpu system.
My older gpu is nvida gf8800gt, which I now use for physx and also as seti coprosessor, and my new gpu is nvidia gtx 260.

When boinc starts it reports among other things that:
cuda device found
Coprosessor: GeForce 8800 GT (2)

What does that (2) mean? Does it mean that it found 2 gpus and is using them both for calculation?
Can boinc use more than 1 gpu for calculation at all?
Now that I am using cuda enhanced boinc, when I am surfing on the internet the pages usually move up and down like slime, like real slow So Id like to know why the pages move up and down usually so slow? Right now its all fine usually its not.

And can I use atleast one of my cpu cores at 100% ?

Sorry for my rough english I hope it aint too annoing...
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