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Jeff Coleman
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2009-09-22 07:59:04

Alright, I've finally come into a little cash, and I'd like some advice.

The boxes I have crunching right now are doing well, but because I actually use them for other purposes (school, gaming, etc.), they're not under constant run. I would like to get a box put together that I could have crunch 24 / 7 / 365.24.

Of course, I have a few requirements:

1) I need to have a box / OS combo that will handle (read as: actually run the client and crunch units for) as many of the current projects listed on BAM! as possible. If you see my project list, you'll see how much I'm actually partaking in. That means GPU and CPU tasks, and likely a 32-bit OS (I've seen a lot of clients that don't have 64-bit execs).

2) Small footprint. I don't have much room where I am. And even when I move into my own place, I won't have a lot of room.

3) Minimum power draw. Electric bills are bad enough as-is.

4) 'Cost-effective'. I'd like to spend as minimum as possible. I might have cash, but I'm not blowing the whole wad on a new box. Let's say... $3500 tops.

Any suggestions welcome.
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