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2009-12-07 18:54:14

In the past I have installed BOINC in the various computer labs that I look after. Only people with Administrator access would be able to see the Boinc Manager and administer it. If a general user logged into the machine they saw nothing and the client ran just fine. Lately though when I install the client and log in as a general user a system tray icon is present and an error message comes up that the user doesn't have priveleges to run the cleint and therefore nothing runs.

How do I install BOINC such that computer administrators can use the Manager and when a general user logs in they are not aware of it running ? All the machines log into a domain and general users are always at the power user level.
Gundolf Jahn
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2009-12-07 20:53:11

I think you'll have to install in Protected Application Execution mode (aka service mode), so that BOINC runs even if no one is logged in. That prevents the GPUs from being detected, though, when running Vista or Win7.

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2009-12-08 06:24:55

In pre-BOINC 6 days, you had the choice in the installer to not start BOINC Manager at Windows logon. That choice has moved to BOINC Manager itself in BOINC 6.

You will have to install as a service (the protected application execution option, in the installer, third screen, click Advanced, check that option as it is off by default). You will have to uncheck giving all users on the computer the option to control BOINC through BOINC Manager.

And then, sadly, there's an extra step. Once BOINC has started, BOINC Manager has opened, click Advanced view->Advanced->Options->Uncheck "Run Manager at login?" and click OK.

Alternatively, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run in the registry and delete the 'boincmgr' key. Check if there's one in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run- as well and if so, remove it from there as well.
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