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2010-04-11 23:53:16

I am currently managing 2 dual processor host laptops under this one BAM account. I am active on 3 Projects with equal 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 work sharing, with one hour cutovers on both machines. All my WU's are small and completable in about one or two days. PrimeGrid will occasionally send me WU with 10 to 30 day processing time. I dont want these long WU's. My experience with long WU's is they dont get completed on time. How do I best manage removing the very long WU's from my BAM account. Each laptop is in a different location, and I need central control of both machines.
Thanks in advance for your kind reply.
[BOINCstats] skivelitis
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2010-04-12 00:51:50

There are far more qualified people to answer your question, but I'll give it a try. If it is PrimeGrid in particular giving you problems, go to the PrimeGrid preferences page on their website under your acct. There you can uncheck the application that has a long runtime. When the project host you dont have direct access to updates (communicates w/PrimeGrid), you will no longer download the offending application. There may be a simpler way, and if so, someone will be along to provide it. BTW: This post will probably be moved to the BAM general forums by Willy at some point. If you can no longer find this thread here, look for it there.

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2010-04-12 07:21:42
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IPHARDIT is right. You only can do this by setting the preferences on your PrimeGrid account.

I've seen that you have a XP32-bit and a Vista64-bit machine.
Because some tasks are running much better on 64-bit and for other tasks it doesn't matter,
you could consider to create two seperate preferences (you can create up to 4: default, school, work and home).

For the XP32-bit you should set the short running LLR's: Sophie Germain Prime Search (LLR) and Proth Prime Search (LLR).

For the Vista64-bit you can set all the Sieve tasks and AP26.
On 64-bit they are running about 1.7 times faster and because of the fixed credit paying better.

To be sure you'll get no other work on a machine: Untick "Send work from any subproject if selected projects have no work".

When you are looking to your host details, on the bottom you can change the location for the right preference after you have created them.

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