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2011-03-01 23:35:06

Support for this (backups that only run when your normal projects are completely out) was added to the client a while back, but wasn't usable due to needing an update to the server software for each project.

Have any projects made the update yet? If so, which?
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2011-03-02 06:30:18

I would think that would be mostly on the client side... I have a couple of projects set at 0 credit, though all were set as such through the BAM Project resources page.
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2011-03-02 07:58:10
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DanNeely wrote:
Have any projects made the update yet? If so, which?

I don't know which ones, but if you can set the resource share to zero (not 0.001 or so) on the project's preferences page (not through BAM!), then it should have the required minimum version.

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2011-03-02 18:43:20

BAM! also allows 0 resource share.
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