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2011-05-31 10:50:51


I would like to know, how can I manage my project Collatz Conjecture via BAM ?
In account on Collatz I set in preferences: mini_collatz yes and collatz no, because I only want to compute mini collatz tasks. But it not working - I receive collatz tasks, too...
Is there any option, how can I resolve my problem?

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2011-05-31 12:29:01

Open Collatz preferences inside your account, put a tick in the box against mini-collatz, and make sure the box against collatz is cleared and blank. Select No for CPU, and make sure your Video card type is selected.

Then go to the bottom of the list and click on "update preferences" - I suspect its this bit you didnt do - when the changes have been done on screen they need saving to the database, thats done by selecting "update preferences".

Another possible issue is the machine being associated with the correct preference list. Check the title of the preference list you changed, (default, home work, school whatever) and make sure in your machine details (the drop down box at the bottom of the machine details list) shows the same as the list you updated.

Once you have updated the BOINC Clienet for the Project in the usual way, all should be set.

If you still have issues, post this one direct onto the Project Number Crunching Forum. Its a solid, very good, very well run Project, and it will be something simple, so will not take long to resolve if still issues.

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