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2012-04-14 09:31:34

I cannot attach approx. 50% of the projects that I have signed in for or are in my stats to my current computer I have 2 one Win7 and the other Linux, Win7 attaches perfectly while Linux doesn't want to attach at all and its getting annoying I don't know what to do I have attempted reattaching but doesn't work nor will removing and reapplying work nothing is working the way its supposed at least on linux.
Linux 3.2.0-22 generic/Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2
Intel Core 2 Duo(tm)
Nvidia 9300M GS this is where I went to attach projects to all of my hosts this is where I go to attach projects to specific hosts such as my Linux system or my Win7 system. But the point is that Linux doesn't attach and this isn't a work issue Win7 has double the work and still attaches perfectly.
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