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[B^S] Leprichon
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2013-10-27 16:37:47

Boinc Manager wont "connect to local host"
please confirm what I should enter in the window there for "host name:" and "Password:"
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2013-10-28 02:44:30

Check that your FIREWALL and/or ANTIVIRUS are not blocking Boinc and Boinc Manager from connecting to your localhost which usually has an internal IP address of (also known as the "talkback" or "loopback" address).

Ports 80, 443 and 31416 are what needs to be allowed/opened on localhost for Boinc and Boinc Manager to connect/talk to each other.

That usually solves the problem. If not, post back with more details such as OS Name and Version; BOINC Version; and Name(s) of any AntiVirus and/or 3rd party Firewall programs such as AVG, Norton's, McAFEE, etc.... you have installed.

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