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2013-12-13 03:16:12

Sorry if this is a FAQ. I looked for an answer and could not find one.

I've only recently owned computers with GPU's new enough to run BOINC apps on. My question is: if I's using the GPU for BOINC apps, should I disable the pretty screensavers? In particular Einstein@home and SETI@hope have some fairly elaborate screen savers. These are neat but I don't need all the eye-candy. How much compute power am I losing on the screensaver?

Thanks in advance.

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2013-12-13 16:51:03

Dump the screensavers
All they do is waste valuable CPU & GPU resources that could go to improve your crunching power (overall score)

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2013-12-14 05:43:46
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The BOINC screensavers aren't exactly graphics-intense by today's standards... Probably not going to make a lot of difference with modern hardware.
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