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2014-11-07 02:45:11

Hi Guys,

When I check on I have credit of 8,318,278 and my last update is minutes ago. However BOINCSTATS is reporting that no updates have been received for 3 days and my credit is 8201239.53. All the stats engines are reporting the same thing which suggests that it is not a Boincstats issue. Is there a problem with Seti reporting at present or have I got another problem?


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2014-11-07 04:02:39
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Upload Server Problem
Our upload server (bruno) is currently unstable. We are working to fix the problem. UPDATE: uploads are now working although some bruno based services are still off. 5 Nov 2014, 3:24:51 UTC

STATS EXPORT may possibly take a few more days until they can fix and/or rearrange some additional server problems. Once SETI stats exports resumes, all the stats sites will update (usually within 24 hours). No points will be lost.
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