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Jed Clampit
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2014-11-24 17:01:34
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I just downloaded the latest version of Boinc and now the screen saver does not come up.
The manager will run the projects but no screen saver pops up to show you what its doing.
I was running seti@home but they seem to have ran out of work so i added roseta@home and world community grid,and i installed the latest version of BOINC.
Now,the BOINC screen saver does not pop up and I cant seem to connect with seti@home,but I do connect with rosetta@home and world community grid.

Now,I know just enough about computers to get myself into trouble,so if someone could give me a bit of simpleton help,I would appreciate it.
Malcolm Beeson
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2015-02-25 09:01:30


Just saw your cry for help today, 25/02/15! Check that the screen saver is set to BOINC, it may have reset to blank screen, but, my advice is to tell the projects you run in "your account" that graphics is set to 0 pages, that way your machine can concentrate on doing the work for BOINC and not on creating pretty picture on your screensaver, in other words you're wasting processor time on creating screensaver pictures, when you could be doing more BOINC work. Hope you can understand my English

Good luck
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