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My personal background
I live in Vlissingen (The Netherlands).

I work at Alternate Computers Nederland since 1999. Until May 2005 as Manager of the Technical Department and Assembly, and now as IT Manager. I am responsible for Systems Administration, Development, and anything that has to do with the company websites. At the moment there are 16 people working in my department. We also support our colleagues at Alternate Belgium.

Before Alternate I worked at Philips Lighting as a process operator, and before that I was in the Army (drafted) for 1.5 years.

I like (watching/reading) Science Fiction and computers (both hardware and programming) and I love my wife Trish.

SETI@Home is what brought me into Distributed Computing, and when BOINC was announced I planned on doing stats for a (very small) team I was a member of. It got a little out of control as you can see. The team of that time is no more.

Any special skills Willy? Yes, of course! I make a darn good pizza, can install Windows XP Pro in 13:30 Windows 7 in ten minutes flat (I'm actually not that quick anymore since I have people doing this for me ) and I can tie my own shoes.

The most heard complaints about me are that I'm too direct, leave a mess everywhere and at work they wonder why I can't get the job done (may have something to do with too much work and not enough people?).

I seem to have some sarcastic form of humor, which some can't appreciate while others enjoy it very much.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
Well, this one is easy. I use it because I made it.