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My personal background
A BOINC cruncher from India! I work in the Information Technology industry.

I was first exposed to distributed computing over the Internet for research purposes, when a friend introduced SETI@home Classic during my university days. The idea of using idle computer time struck me. I ran it for few days and just forgot about it when I got busy with other things.

I started working and 2-3 years later, when my company started promoting World Community Grid, I started participating in it using United Devices software. Reading more about it told me that WCG can be run through BOINC as well and that BOINC is now home for SETI@home. Recollecting my university days, I started using BOINC instead of United Devices software and started participating in SETI@home as well. Got to know about BOINCstats and a plethora of other distributed projects. I put my fingers on couple of them and since then I run one or the other distributed projects.

I like numbers, stats, movies, science and fiction.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I like the website, because it provides all the stats I am looking for about BOINC. The best thing is that all the stats are cross linked very well that you can pretty much go to any stat from anywhere.