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My personal background
Hello! Glad to be a part of the community. I'm from n.e. Kansas, married, with some awsome kids and grandkids. I crunch on one computer running a PhII proc, and 2 MSI 560Ti Hawk gpu's, and occasionally on a laptop. I like to play video games, Battlefield3, Quake3, 4, FarCry2, etc. I'm a member of one of the best BOINC teams, Overclock.net, we really enjoy helping each other out, and truly getting the most out of our equipment. I started crunching on SETI in 2001, on my state of the art Thunderbird 1100. Now, I mainly gpu crunch... These new cards are phenominal...knocking out anywhere from 500K-1.75Mil wu's/day, (depending on projects, of course). Our team focuses on a couple of new projects every month..usually the ones we're last in, to try to help out some of the "not so popular" causes. First week of every month, we host "BOINCers gone BONKERS!" and try to get more participation from the sight... This month we had 60 people crunchin' for the cause! And some really great prizes handed out. I'm fairly active on the computer, so drop me a line. BOINCERS gone BONKERS signup starts tommorow on Overclock.net. Set for Dec. 6, 2011. We're shootin' for 30 mil points in 2 days. Hope to see you there. Crunch on, brothers and sisters.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I'm glad that with Willy's help, I was able to finally get my stats all together. Makes it much easier! Looking to put together a crunching farm, powered by GTX295's or 285's. These seem like the best Flops/$ available today. Can occasionally find a 295 for < $100...