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My personal background
I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and moved to Australia at the age of 2. At 4, my parents took me to live in New Zealand for 8 years before they returned to the UK where I've lived ever since.

I now live in South East London with my partner of 17 years and work as a z/OS DB2 DBA for a large international bank in the IT department.

My favourite pastimes are listening to classical music and reading science fiction/fantasy books. I also (unsurprisingly perhaps, considering my early years) enjoy travelling.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCSTATS provides a site to collate all the Projects I participate in and somewhere to go for help when I have problems with BOINC (which is very rare). It also helps bind BOIC users together to make us more of a community rather than just a bunch of people vying to get the most points on the board.