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My personal background
the picture shows me at trek fest, a county fair with a little star trek thrown in, held every last weekend of june in riverside, iowa, usa. note my feet, and what my hand shows. the ship replica behind me is the u. s. s. riverside, ncc-1818.

i am commander shrom, or kommandant schrom auf deutsch.
i live in the central part of the usa, and migrated to boinc from seti@home (
5284 wus, 91130 cpu hours) after beginning there in june 1999.
i now have signed on with as many projects as i can get, so the computer cannot idle (it works even when in use, and never is shut off except periodically for maintenance).
i am retired, and besides using my computer’s power for scientific research, i play tournament chess (uscf class b), and do a lot of other things on the ’net. i also like bridge, most intellectual board games, star trek, biking, running, naturism, and listening to music (easy listening, classical, electronic, electronic classical, and disco).
i dislike any form of body covering, especially footwear (i am barefoot 100% of the time, including operating motor vehicles), and anything made by the company in seattle which i write as micro$**t.
my german is not adequate to write all of this, but i will try to work on that.

live long and prosper!

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
i like all of the boinc projects! i decided to join as many as i can to spread the workload in case any go down.
i would like to see it made easier to attach to these projects from the command-line client, which is the only one i use. you still must enter a url and key, and i never got a key!