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My personal background
I am an independent theatrical electrician, carpenter and lighting designer, working mostly in schools and community theatres around the Portland area, as well as occasional work on corporate events and concerts. I am also a "purveyor" of Classic Apple & Macintosh equipment, and have a little online store at

These days, my free time is very limited but I do like to play computer games such as Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2/Classic and Dystopia, and old-school RTS games like the Command & Conquer series and Total Annihilation. On "vacations", I do like to get out of the city into the outdoors, and go camping and hiking. If I had loads of money, I would spend lots of time traveling the world. And, of course, construct the world's largest BOINC farm!

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Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I am very excited about the use of grid computing for all kinds of projects where lots of computing power is needed. While I don't expect that the results of grid computing will end up saving the world, it should at least foster progress a little bit, and provide smaller projects with access to resources they normally wouldn't be able to afford. I also see it is a way to conserve energy and resources, by taking advantage of the idle computing resources sitting on desks in millions of homes and offices. Hopefully, some research teams might be able to make use of this technology, rather than having to spend large sums of money building their own computing farms that waste energy.

Another related hobby of mine, is recovering abandoned computer hardware and refurbishing it for use. One of the (many) problems of our society and culture, is the mentality that everyone needs the latest and greatest technology. The majority of users who only need basic capabilities such as web browsing, Office, email, etc. could get away just fine with a Pentium 4. We need to get out of the "throw away" mentality, and be a little more conservative with our resources, both natural and commodity-wise. I also have an extensive collection of old Apple Macintosh computers and hardware, and try to pass it on to other entusiasts who could use it, saving it from going to the landfill.

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