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My personal background
Mainly an IBM mainframe freak:
IBM 1400, IBM 7000, IBM/MFT, IBM/MVT, IBM/MVS, IBM/360, IBM/370, IBM/390 and IBM z/OS series.

But also, on the side, DEC VAX and CDC mainframes experience.

Main area of work: In the early days "Scientific Engineering" for government and later "freelancer" for special problem areas in "Bank Business".
My special areas: going through dumps to find the error AND supporting programmers that were "lost" in their own code!

System programming (mainframe installation and maintenance) CICS, DB2, REXX, CLIST, SMP/E, JCL, TSO/E, ISPF, RACF, IMS, DB2, MVS, VM etc..
System analyst/programmer using IBM Assembler (the one and only real thing), Fortran, COBOL, PL/I, Algol, Visual Basic and C++.

Student at UCLA - the best time of my life I ever had!

The 60' and 70' were also great "pioneer" days.

Now I'm TRYING to like PCs ....