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My personal background
Carl Sagan wrote a nifty book, called "Cosmos", which he, eventually, developed into a little, multi-chapter television production, with the same name. It kinda was the gateway drug that introduced me to the inescapably-addictive, infinitely-intricate, and forever-fascinating world of... uh... the universe. Blissful-ignorance and avoidance of actual, factual, intellectual evidence have enabled me to develop a highly-specific skill-set, which allows me to see-past the "big picture", resulting in a keen-understanding of esoteric and irrelevant minutia. Envy me, for I now grasp the most vital, necessary, fundamental, and astronomically-significant concept that has plagued human-kind, since the beginning of our recorded-history: The cosmos is pretty big. And sorta complicated. It's a good thing Stephen Hawking was around to bring clarity to everything I will never fully understand, despite investing in a copies of, "The Universe for Dummies", and the Cliff's Notes for, "A Brief History of Time".

Epic journeys begin with a first-step, even when that first-step is tripping-over one's own shoelaces, and landing face-first onto the pavement. I guess the next-step would be to learn to tie one's own shoes properly... After extensive facial-reconstructive surgery, counseling, and, perhaps, some physical therapy...

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCstats = triple-fried-egg-sandwich, with chili-sauce, and chutney.