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My personal background
Please note: If you're in a hurry, or at-risk for developing a stroke/heart-attack/seizure/total mental collapse, or in a hurry to develop any of the aforementioned afflictions, my panel of lawyers has informed me that it's in my best personal interest to encourage you to complete a "Last Will and Testament", should you elect to proceed... Isn't fun... exciting?

My earlier years are difficult to remember... I think that I was either born, hatched, trans-dimensionally-teleported, extradited, or cultured in a Petri-dish, but I don't recall any of the aforementioned having actually occurred... So, perhaps, I was mistakenly and spontaneously brought-into existence? Again, it's all a bit hazy, but, through some miracle/a gracious act of pity, I became what some refer to as "an adult". Then, I was forced into employment (indentured servitude?), so that I could afford shelter, further nutrition, and the financial means to be diagnosed with a number of medical conditions (still working on the means to treat the aforementioned medical issues)... as such, I'm still skeptical as to whether or not I'll ever be able to pay-off my ridiculous "higher-level education"-based loans.

I'm told that I'm 40 (unknown if this figure pertains to age or I.Q.), a pharmacist, and an avid fan of Carl Sagan, Hunter S. Thompson, "The Big Lebowski", and "Rick and Morty". That's my story. Oh, and along the way, I've developed an affinity for all things technological, numismatic, biochemical, pharmaceutical, vocabulistical, metaphorical, juxtapositional, alphanumerical, ironical, and ad-libbing personal background information. I also enjoy automotive performance, and investing a great deal of time doing various activities that involve general things, miscellaneous stuff, esoteric junk, whichever whysos, whatnots and whathaveyous.

I've run-out of self-promotional material, but, if you have any questions/comments/concerns/legal-threats for me, the first and best place to find me will likely be Western State Hospital (and not as a health-care provider)...

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
It's freakin' awesome. BOINCstats has done an incredible amount of work to make this website/service available to the general public, and their efforts should be recognized. They're definitely appreciated on this end of the internet... Now, when is my computer supposedly going to contact the aliens, so that they can bring us teleporter technology, the ability to make "on-the-fly" physiological and biochemical changes to our own bodies, so that we can live happier/healthier/more productive lives? Because, I'm tellin' ya, this flimsy, frail, waif-like, poor excuse for a soul container has seen better days, and is trending in the reverse-correct-direction, in terms of improvement...

LMAOMGWTFBBQ... I just had a profound realization and answer to, "What is the meaning of life?" It's quite simple, really... after careful review of our cosmos, and taking a brief history of time into account, I've concluded that...