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My personal background
Carl Sagan wrote a nifty book, called "Cosmos", which he, eventually, developed into a little, multi-chapter television production, with the same name. It kinda was the gateway drug that introduced me to the inescapably-addictive, infinitely-intricate, and forever-fascinating world of... uh... the universe.

Blissful-ignorance and avoidance of actual, factual, intellectual evidence have enabled me to develop a highly-specific skill-set, which allows me to see-past the "big picture", resulting in a keen-understanding of esoteric and irrelevant minutia. I now grasp the most vital, necessary, fundamental, and astronomically-significant concept that has plagued human-kind, since the beginning of our recorded-history:

The cosmos is pretty big. And sorta complicated. Or, maybe it's simple, and tiny, like my brain, and my perspective. I guess the only way I'll know for sure is to question reality, discover the answer(s), and document them, in exquisite detail, in an effort to educate and enlighten the world. This precious treasure shall be digitally-recorded on a highly-reliable, undeniably-fashionable, and reasonably-priced "Hello Kitty" USB keychain thumb-drive.

Because, the only universally-important question that everyone wants an answer to is: "Where the hell did I leave my Hello Kitty USB thumb-drive?"

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCstats = triple-fried-egg-sandwich, with chili-sauce, and chutney.