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Birthday: April 25
Country: Germany
Sex: Female
URL: http://360.yahoo.com/holly_schoene
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Founder of team: Trans-G-Power

My personal background
I'm a 30+ yo T-girl from Dresden, Saxony, Germany who had her sex change surgery in Feb 2008. The name Holly Marie has been legally my name since March 2006.

I study computer science at the TU Dresden but so far its a bit slow going since my medical and emotional issues have slowed me down quite a bit.

On BOINC im the founder of team Trans-G-Power

I aim to make it the biggest team for all gender conflicted people and their friends to show we are there, we are a power and we also cotribute to society.

For this reason I also help to organize the Dresden Trans-Street-Day

as part of the local Christopher Street Day (Pride Parade)

Apart from doing all kinds of things with computers (chatting, reading stories, BOINCcrunching and programming) I like skiing, biking, reading, music (almost any kind depenting on my mood) shopping, dressing sexy and going dancing and lots more.

I also enjoy a good discussion about nearly any subject.

I'm still finding myself and hope to finally fall in love for the first time in my life some time soon. (not sure yet if with a man or woman - time will tell)

If you wanna know more just ask. However my time is very limited and I already have more friends than I can handle (both online and offline) so don't expect me to focus on you.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I love to help and BOINC offers me yet another chance to help this world.
That's why I focus my computing power on health and environmental issues first, and then on science that I believe to be of immediate help to humankind.

BOINCstats/BAM! helps me to keep track of all the projects I'm with and to manage what account does what projects.