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My personal background
I started distributed computing in my teens by running Prime95 on a Dell Poweredge 6400, Quad Pentium 3 Xeon, in my parents attic. With computers as a hobby, I ran Prime95 on my machines just as a cool use of computing power. Later I found BOINC and realized that I can use computing power to help science research instead of pure mathematics. The ancient Dell PE 6400 was retired more than a decade ago, and I'm on the 4th platform for my desktop. Previously had AMD K7, AMDK8, then AMDK10 platforms, and now crunch projects on my X99 desktop with Xeon E5-2682v4 and GTX 1080. In the winter I wake up my servers to crunch when the waste heat helps keep the house warm and hibernate them in the spring once I no longer need as much heat and the power gets more expensive. Summer will see only my desktop and likely T620 as crunchers.

Winter 2019/2020 was warmed by these beasts:
Imladris - Self Built, 1x E5-2682v4. GTX 1080, 4x 8GB PC4-2400-U

New Cruncher:
Erebor - Dell R540, 1x Xeon Gold 6139, 6x 16GB PC4-2666V-R
Gundabad - Self Built, Ryzen 2600, 2x GTX 1080, 2x 16GB PC4-2666V-E

Returning Crunchers:
Orodruin - Dell T620, 2x E5-2658v2, 3x GTX 1070, 8x 8GB PC3-14900R
Caradhras - Dell R620, 2x E5-2628Lv2, 8x 8GB PC3L-12800R
Fanuidhol - Dell R620, 2x E5-2628Lv2, 8x 8GB PC3L-12800R
Celebdil - Dell R620, 2x E5-2628Lv2, 8x 8GB PC3L-12800R
Methedras - Dell T320, 1x E5-2430Lv2, 3x 8GB PC3L-12800R

Dell R610, 2x Xeon L5640, 6x 8GB PC3L-10600R

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
BOINCstats/BAM! is a great tool that makes it easy to manage BOINC across multiple PCs. I enjoy the user stats and its fun to work my way up the ranks!