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My personal background
Been boinc-ing since 2005. I started with Einstein@home and Climateprediction, but have now spread out to many other projects I feel are worth the electricity. I also participated in Seti@home with an older lost account, from 1999 for a few years.

PCs have been a hobby for me for more than 25 years now, although I have not taken any IT education.
It still fascinates me how the tech advances so fast. Back in the Seti@home days, we were content with a single core CPU, but now we have many core CPUs churning out results faster than ever.

As of this writing I am 44 years old, and live in Denmark near Copenhagen.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
BoincStats has been my preferred stats site pretty much as long back as I can remember. It is well maintained, and gives a nice overview of the progress I make in the projects I participate in.