Francis Butts (24)
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My personal background
I'm from Goodrich, MI., a small town north of Detroit. My career was in air transportation. This choice allowed me to move around and live in many beautiful and unique locations.
One of my passions is travel. My wife and two daughters also share in this. We have had many opportunities to visit some of the unparalleled and wonderful locations while we experienced the diversity of cultures that exist on this planet.
Another is reading, mostly periodicals. Such as Discover, Scientific American, National Geographic and Sky & Telescope.
When my wife and I travel we are never without our Kindles. Air travel is mostly boring. On further consideration that is not really a "bad" thing.
I did not graduate from University, probably due to my inability to focus early-on on just one of my many areas of interest; ranging from the very small; microbes, muons and etc. To the very large, the Universe surrounding us and it's many mysteries yet to be unveiled; and in the "in between" a myriad of others. Unfortunately, BOINC Stats does not "allow" links to HTTPS websites. But you can look for me here: (just copy and paste)

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I came to BOINC from Grid.ORG when that project closed down. BOINC offers me an opportunity to still participate in a small way in a multitude of projects that I could only dream about otherwise. I have always been a "team player". As such I gain a good deal of satisfaction from lending my computer/computers in the joint effort to expand the collective knowledge of the human race.

In my view, BOINC should make some overt attempt to attract more participants. Perhaps aimed at Intermediate or High School Students with an interest in Science. "Catch 'um Young." There are a lot of "unused" cycles out here.