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My personal background
Hello fellow crunchers!
I am a former shipfitter/fabricator (submarines and catamarans), determined at one time to remain a lifelong blue-collar union man but finally succumbed to the "call of the cubicle".
Now as a production detail planner (submarines), I spend my workdays at a desk developing/issuing manufacturing work packages on a computer and joking with my cubemates. I enjoy surfing the web, reading books and blogs, going to plays, movies and concerts, and spending time with my friends.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!

I run BOINC to help benefit science and society, and have been crunching for over 15 years now. I joined SETI@Home on Dec 23, 2003 and then BOINC, and have since added dozens of projects via BAM!.

BOINCstats is a friendly forum/site, and BAM! is a great tool to add and manage projects.