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My personal background
I am from South Texas and run a GPU-farm with a theoretical maximum of more than 80 Teraflops. I am slowly bringing it back online after a lengthy illness. I enjoy cross-project participation because of the wealth of knowledge the community brings, and also because I'm able to help in more than one specific area of science.

Having said that, besides my interest in technology, both high-tech and Soviet-analog (vacuum tubes), I play the guitar, program, build models, enjoy cinema and discussion of film, target practice and botany. I've several advanced degrees and hope one day to return to school for a dual doctorate in Mathematics and Physics, though I'm from the Humanities.

Just a little reminder not to take things too seriously:

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I constructed and maintain a GPU-farm for BOINC so that I could learn "hands-on" about computer hardware and software applications, programming, and even a bit of social interaction and observation. While I'm originally from the humanities, I'm entirely self-taught in mathematics, physics, computer programming and system-building. I find it all so interconnected and amazing, mathematics and physics persist throughout every part of life and I participate in BOINC projects to ultimately further my understanding of math, science and our universe. While poetry and art express great ideas, concepts and can expand our collective consciousness, I ultimately believe that mathematics and hard sciences are the handwriting and thoughts of God.

I also truly enjoy just kicking butt with 80 Teraflops with my multi-GPU servers and donate the research to various BOINC projects. There is nothing quite like having a personal GPU farm and crushing college computer science departments; it's something of a rush, if you're "White and Nerdy", as per Al Yankovic. It's all just part of my nine-step plan to rule the world! A shout out to all the MSTies out there: