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My personal background
I am an old Techie that worked for the same high tech service company through mergers, name changes and spin offs for 48+ years. When I started the Tech life the Chip was new... Back then a fast dual trace oscilloscope and a good mind were the tools to fix most anything.

Along the way I spent 4 years in Asia with the U.S. Air Force working on C-130E aircraft during Vietnam.

My wife and I are blessed with two sons and four grand children and they bring a lot of joy to our lives. We are both active with the American Legion Post at Love Field in Dallas TX. Now that I have retired I will be able to volunteer more.

Teasers... Are you old enough to know Baudot code ? Or where the Baud in 9600 Baud came from ?

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I found BOINCstat's in about 2006 and have enjoyed and used since.