SM6GXQ Peter Lindquist (0)
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Country: Sweden
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My personal background
My hobbies are:

    * Space
    * Physics and other science
    * Computers
    * Gardening
    * Ham radio, Callsigns: SM6GXQ SM7GXQ
    * Photo
    * My work at the Rescue Coordination Center, JRCC Sweden

I have a web site: Cape Pine Garden Project, mainly based at my summer house at Granudden in Färjestaden on the island of Öland. The site contains information on BOINC with links to all my projects and extensive statistics.

On-site, there is also a weather station as well as 5 webcams and a photo album showing flowers in my garden. There is also a Blog with a RSS feed.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter.

My work at the Swedish Maritime and Aeronautical Search and Rescue Center - JRCC Sweden - involves SAR and IT (radio,telephony,data). I'm also a press spokesman. We have a blog - JRCC Online - where we blog about all rescue missions (RSS feed).