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My personal background
Almost 70 at the time of this posting, Im not computer-adept in any way.

I do live, in retirement, out on a farm near a small town in Ontario, Canada...Glencoe.

At one time I was a teacher, specializing in Maths and Science, my own training having been in the Earth-Sciences (mainly Geology with some Astronomy thrown in).

My main love throughout the past ~37 years has been in introducing youth groups (many adult groups as well) to wilderness-canoeing in the wildernesses of Northern Ontario, Canada. [I began my own canoeing at the age of many long years ago!]

Beyond teaching (my primary profession), I have sailed, flown (I'm a qualified pilot in small aircraft...Cessnas and Pipers primarily), served in the Reserve forces of my country managed several businesses (which I will continue to do until my death,most likely) and have camped from within the Arctic Circle to Florida in the south).

I have lived an interesting life, and intend to enoy those years I still have left to the fullest (and that includes computing for Science and Medicine!)

If you have survived reading this far, thanks for your attentiveness!

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
I think the message above is have not much more to add here!