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My personal background
A 40 something year old, single father of three teenage kids. Was a firefighter for 22 years, but a work injury to my lower back (requiring 5 level fusion) put an end to that stage of my life... now medically retired.
With my new partner and my kids, we breed and show Basset Hounds, plus my oldest son has an Afghan and my daughter has a whippet - so every show day is hectic with around 10 dogs to groom etc !
Been playing guitar for around 30 years, though not enough in the last 10 of those... retirement may be time to rekindle my passion for good hard rock - AC-DC "were" the best band ever (RIP Bon Scott).

After getting into boincing with my new Dell Inspiron 6000 in 2006, have learned to build/ tweak my own desktop machines and love doing so, though CPU points are pretty "slow" nowadays !

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
Boincstats is one of the best tools associated with Boincing.. couldn't get through a single day without it !

Heel goed werk Willy !