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My personal background
Have been interested in computers and science since a kid and got my first one at 13 yrs old (it is still on my desk 30 years later - a hand-held sharp pc1211). Did a computer science degree with some physics, and then management sciences. Joined SETI project in 2001 and crunched work units out of interest/fun.

Located in New Zealand (land of Lord of the Rings) with family, two cats and a dozen old to new computers. I like cars and taking my Supra to track-days where like minded (Supra and GTR skyline people) have some relaxed fun at speed.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
Thoughts on BOINC: a chance to make use of all those wasted CPU cycles. Most people never use their computers seriously, and if they are on, why not contribute to some science along the way. There are some interesting theoretical problems and while they might be a bit pointless to some (hello rectilinear crossing numbers), they do have some use. Sometimes it takes a while for things to have a use like Maxwells equations, so don't be too quick to dismiss the projects.
Still looking for a SETI "wow" signal. Would like to contribute to a decent NEA project.