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My personal background
Currently I am retired and well hidden in a huge rural Georgia pine forest.

My Career Occupations: I am a Retired Federal LEO (Army CID Special Agent/last assignment there was at the CID Academy where I worked as an Instructor&Curriculum Developer), Retired Maritime Fraud Investigator(Got to hang out at all the Florida Marinas, go on all the ships and drive lots of boats), Erstwhile Photographer(Did shoots for aspiring photo models), Former U.S.C.G Licensed Mariner (Inland Master), Former Volunteer Fire Chief(I was the only one there who could read the Red Books So They Made Me Chief), and Former Paramedic(A very satisfying stint).

My Interests: Photography, Space, Writing The Great American Novel, Crunching, and Woodworking. (I also spend a considerable amount of my time and energy avoiding the honey-do list.)

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Makes it so easy!