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My personal background
My wife Christine was a cancer patient, diagnosed in March 2005, at which point I came to the US from England. Following a mastectomy and intial chemo & radiation, we married in the May. Her hair started to fall out the morning of the wedding!

We were together for seven years; sadly she died on 29th March 2012 after a seven-year battle.

Now I run projects that support medical (especially relating to cancer research). It may be too late for my sweetie, but I want to improve the odds for other people.

In the pic she is preparing for gamma knife brain surgery, which is a form of non-invasive radiation therapy.

Still miss you, Christine. Every bloody day.

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
Why do I use BAM!?

Simple - it makes my efforts more effortless. This way I can find and join projects easily and administer them, and my team!

I like it so much I wrote about it, at http://www.everything2.com/title/BOINC+Account+Manager