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My personal background
I Love dogs and cats, the great outdoors, and being politically involved, especially protecting our planet!!! I miss my dog, a beautiful Chocolate Lab, who I had to leave in Florida when I went into the hospital. I left him with a neighbor, who has disappeared off the face of the earth. Bear, my Lab, will be 15 years old this past July 6th, 2010. I Served in the USAF as a Military Working Dog Handler. Currently living Sheridan, WY. since Sept. 29, 2008, after spending a year and 2 months at a friends house, and 2 years at the Buffalo Apt., and 1 1/2 years at the Veterans Home (An assisted living facility the VA sent me to after my hospitalization for my brain tumor, and other neurological issues.) of WY. in Buffalo WY. Lived in Sheridan, WY. for years, then sold my house in 2002 and moved to Florida to be near family. Came back to WY July 2003 to enter VA Hospital in Sheridan, WY for physical, and mental health issues. I was diagnosed with some neurological problems which causes me to be fully disabled regarding work type activity. Oh well. I was born in Brooklyn NY, and I grew up on Long Island, NY. in Selden. Also attended college there, except for a brief stint at Wake Forest University. Most of my Family still lives back there or in Florida.I moved up to the big city of Sheridan, WY. In September of 2008. It is closer to the VA Hospital, and with the price of gas, and living on a fixed income, it is something I have to do. That's about it for now, so take care, and stay safe. And be careful out there!

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
The only thought I have about BOINC is why didn't I know about it sooner. It is a marvelous concept, and being a disabled American, I feel that I am, through the use of my computer, that I am contributing to a better informed, and hopefully healthier society in the future.