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My personal background
Im Rea from Austria/Vienna, born in 1980 and working as EDV and Networktechnican.

I started to crunch for fun at the beginning of 2011 on astronomy with CPUs only, but started to invest some Money in additional Hardware for a serious switch to medical crunching after my Dog (my only OWN family at this Time *snif*) died in Summer 2011 at the end of a long time with a big inoperable "good" Braincancer and Leaverfailure despite all kind of therapy like radiotherapy. So i hate cancer like hell for taking her, and try to hold the most hardware available for protein/cancer researches.

At the time i have up to 7 GPUs and up to >20 CPU Cores available for crunching (>10 TFlops). But sometimes not all are running at once. i have some dedicated cruncher and some ondemand.

Our BOINC Research Group

PS: I only accept friendship request from people who mainly (over 50%) computing on usefull science
sry guys and try to understand me, i dont want to compute on things like clean energy projects for supporting energy waster then with the results from that

Opinion about BOINCstats/BAM!
Super detailierte Statistiken! Helfen mir jedem Projekt moeglichst gleiche wichtigkeit zukommen zu lassen bei der Verteilung meiner Ressourcen

Great Page. Helps me very much to give every project the same amount of attention