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2019-08-11: A little bit of unexpected downtime

BOINCstats suffered some incremental downtime a few moments ago due to some DDoS attack against the webserver. The attack caused a very high load on the server which was then unable to server any more requests.

After doing some magic (blocking the right things that is) the load decreased. For now everything is working again until they find another attack vector.

2019-07-20: The new BOINCstats website is here!

The new BOINCstats website is here!

As you can see the BOINCstats website has been thoroughly renewed. It's an all new design which plays nicely with mobile phones and tablets. Security is improved, pages and forms are optimized. It's a big change but most pages can be found in the same place as before.

Support for customized languages has been dropped, most were not properly maintained. For those who really need a translated version the build in translation of the browser may do the trick. I found it to be pretty decent for Dutch.

I hope you like it but if you really can't get used to the new design, the old version of BOINCstats can be found at, but be aware, that version will no longer be maintained and will receive no updates other than security patches!

2019-07-13: The new BOINCstats website is nearly here!

Next weekend the new BOINCstats website will be released. It's an all new design which plays nicely with mobile phones and tablets. Security is improved, pages and forms are optimized. It's a big change but most pages kan be found in the same place as before.

Support for customized languages has been dropped, most were not properly maintained. For those who really need a translated version the build in translation of the browser may do the trick. I found it to be pretty decent for Dutch.

And if you really can't get used to the new design, the old version of BOINCstats can be found at, but be aware, that version will no longer be maintained and will receive no updates other than security patches!

2018-12-15: Statistics export consent

The following project require you to consent to exporting your statistics to stats sites. If you do not do so your data will be removed from the export and in accordance with the GDPR all your data from these projects will be removed from BOINCstats as well. This data can’t be recovered!

You need to consent before they enforce the setting in the export!

Albert@home *
Einstein@Home *
LHC@Home *
LHCathome-dev *
NumberFields@home *
World Community Grid *

*Already enforced

Project owners: Please let me know in time when you add this setting so I can add your project to this list!

2017-05-04: Comprehensive change in host stats

Unless someone has good reasons not to do it, all hosts who have not communicated with a project for more than two months will no longer be included in the statistics.
Host stats are growing explosively. One of the reasons is the ease with which a system changes its CPID which generates lots of duplicates. There are also a lot of systems no longer functioning. In my opinion it’s not necessary to know what a Pentium III host with Windows XP did back in 2004.
Writing a comment is your chance to convince me otherwise.

2017-04-23: BOINCstats is one of the most visited sites in the BOINC community.

BOINCstats relies significantly on donations. Costs to keep BOINCstats running have gone up over the years. Unfortunately, the number of donations has decreased. We are already a couple of months behind.

If everyone reading this would donate we would be covered for the next year. I Understand not everybody can donate, but if you can, please consider making a small donating.

You can donate here.


Willy de Zutter
BOINCstats BOINCstats/BAM!

2016-04-01: BAM! sold to Samsung.

It is with some regret that I inform you that BAM! has been bought by Samsung. Samsung will use BAM! to power their version of HTC's "Power To Give". We agreed not to disclose the selling price, but it's a number consisting of mostly zeroes. Samsung will keep using the current server infrastructure and will run BAM! as a nonprofit. Therefore they ask you to keep donating to the server costs.

As a courtesy Samsung will allow BOINCstats and BAM! to keep running as usual so you shouldn't notice any difference. However, from now on, support and development will be provided by Samsung. Unfortunately, their Korean developers do not understand English so your questions and bug reports should be posted in Korean. Google translate may help with that.

It has been my pleasure giving you BOINCstats and BAM! and I hope you will keep enjoying the site under the new management.


2016-03-21: email problems

Currently most of the email send by BOINCstats to users using is rejected by the receiving email server as spam.

BOINCstats is using the Google mail service and everything is properly configured. Email should arrive without problems and I am not aware of any other problems.

The issue is under investigation. If you are registering a new account please consider using another email provider.

2016-03-06: New stuff

We have some new stuff for you to enjoy:
- New interactive charts.
- When signing up for new projects you can now submit an invitation code (if required by the project)
- New settings:
o Which combined stats is your default, with or without ASIC.
o Which charts to show, static or interactive.
o Do not show ads.
o Show or not show BOINC combined stats in the menu.

2016-01-13: BOINCstats server maintenance

On January 14th and 15th I will be performing maintenance on all the servers.

Starting early in the morning (UTC) all updates including the challenges will be suspended.

I hope to finish maintenance on the update server before the daily update is scheduled. If not it will just start a little bit later.

After the update server I will start with the webservers, if all goes well there should be no downtime. However, the operating system will be reinstalled with a newer version so there may be some hiccups after the maintenance. Rest assured that the stats data will be correct and that I will work to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.

Only after all the hardware maintenance is completed the updates will be copied again to the webservers. So please be patient.

May The Schwartz be with me and keep Murphy at bay!

2015-12-09: Reduced number of incremental updates

The SSDs used by BOINCstats are currently four years old and are getting worn-out. Especially the ones in the update server are getting bad, spitting out errors all the time. Today this even resulted in database corruption.

To give the server some relief I have reduced the number of incremental updates to once every four hours. It will stay like this until the campaign at Bitcoin Utopia has completed and the SSDs have been replaced.

Host updates have been suspended until maintenance on the servers has been performed!

2015-12-07: Power failure

There was a power failure at the DC in one of the two mains power supplies and without power the servers don't do so well.

We do not have a Automatic transfer switch (ATS) to switch between the two power supplies so I had to drive up here to get things going again.

We had about a twelve hour downtime.

2015-12-06: BOINCstats available via https

BOINCstats is now available via a secure encrypted connection (https). Because this puts extra load on the already strained servers not all of BOINCstats will use this. Areas where encryption is not needed like the stats section will automatically revert to an unencrypted http connection while other areas like the BAM! (account) section and the forum will force encryption.

It is also possible to connect your clients via secure connection to BAM! by using instead of However, this may require a recent client version!

2015-04-22: Webserver down

One of the webservers is down and the PDU (to remote reboot a server) is unreachable (again). I need to drive up there, in the meantime BOINCstats may be slower than usual.

2014-09-25: Webserver broken [solved]

One of the webservers is broken and is currently undergoing repairs. During the repair BOINCstats may be (much) slower than usual and data may not be up-to-date.

More info in the forum news section.

2014-01-08: Server trouble once more

One of the web-servers has locked up tonight and as you might expect from the fail-over feature, well, it didn't fail-over.

At this moment we're up again on one web server. The other one boots but complains about having exceeded the maximum number of drives on the RAID controller. Pretty fancy considering is hasn't been touched in months. However, a quick Google search suggests that it may be failing drives. The error message is fatal, meaning I can't even enter the RAID BIOS to check what's wrong.

I will drive up there tomorrow. Until then, let's hope that Murphy stays away from the other web-server.

2013-05-20: Registration failures

Due to a bug in new code to support IPv6 it was not possible to create new accounts and complete the registration process.

The problem is now solved.

2012-12-30: Server problem

One of the two BOINCstats webservers was down for emergency maintenance. Both RAID configurations on the server went into consistency-check-mode which caused a very high load and very slow responsiveness of the database. Keeping the server running was counterproductive because it caused the consistency check to crawl with ~1% per hour, therefor it's was checking in BIOS.

The server is restored, no data was lost.

If this sounds familiar: it does :(. This is the exact same problem as three weeks ago. Let's just hope it won't be a recurring problem.

2012-12-20: Unexpected downtime.

BOINCstats was down for a little less than an hour due to network problems in the data-center (23:30-00:30 UTC).

2012-12-05: Server problem

Currently one of the two BOINCstats webservers is down for emergency maintenance. Both RAID configurations on the server went into consistency-check-mode which caused a very high load and very slow responsiveness of the database. Keeping the server running was counterproductive because it caused the consistency check to crawl with ~1% per hour, therefor it's now checking in BIOS.

While this server is down BOINCstats runs on the other server and may be slower than usual.

Update: the server is restored, no data was lost.

2012-11-24: Server downtime

The last few hours (3:00-7:45UTC) one of the webservers was locked up (Murphy schedules these issues always during my nap). Most of you probably didn't notice it because you were redirected to the other webserver.

Unfortunately, the webserver which was down is also the one sending the emails and running other scheduled scripts so these were delayed a bit.

Everything is up-and-running again with apparently no permanent damage.

2012-05-29: Server issues

Probably due to excessive heat on the serverfloor one of the BOINCstats webservers had some stability problems. First there were some database synchronization issues which resolved themselves but unfortunately the server eventually locked up. It's now running again, but the unexpected shutdown created a few databases issues again.

At the moment all seems fine, but the heat is not gone yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

2012-05-17: Welcome to the new BOINCstats website!

After having served for over five years, the old BOINCstats frameworks has been retired. Today is the launch of an all new framework, with a familiar but slightly different look. But don't let looks alone deceive you. All the code has been reprogrammed and made more efficient and future proof. The new framework is a solid basis to quickly add new ideas and new features.

There are many changes in the way the stats are presented. The wider site allows for more details and larger charts. The forum has a new look and the BAM! section is completely redesigned.

A new feature is the BAM! host group. It allows you to put a selection of hosts into a group, which can then be managed as one object.

The front-page is now fully customizable, every logged-in user can create his own front-page by choosing which widgets to show and where to put them.

Unfortunately, some languages are no longer available. Their translators are either M.I.A. or did not yet have the time to finish the translation. I hope most will be added back soon.

Many thanks to the beta-testers and the translators. Without them this wouldn't have been possible.

2012-05-13: Coming Thursday something is going to happen with BOINCstats.

One year of typing, 136000 lines of code and you can see it all on Thursday. Be here!

2011-12-11: Want to be among the first to see the new BOINCstats?

I am looking for testers for the new BOINCstats. I’m slowly progressing and more input is welcome. You can apply by replying to this news item in the forum.

Testers have access to a special forum section and to the alpha and beta test websites (please note that after three months of inactivity these privileges will be revoked!).

2011-10-30: Unexpected downtime.

One of the web servers crashed during my night which made the site inaccessible for half of the visitors.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Murphy always seems to plan these things while I’m sleeping.

2011-05-07: Unexpected downtimes.

We had a couple of hours downtime yesterday and last night. Also, the website is becoming slower by the day. I figured out the problem, which is hardware related. The RAID controller in the web server looses connection with the system at times. The only remedy is to reboot the server when it happens.

Fortunately, a new web server will be build soon to replace the current server. Till it's in place we may run into more downtime. I expect the new server to be up and running in a little over two weeks.

2011-03-03: IMPORTANT: Combined User Accounts have changed unique ID's

Due to the problems with the database this week all combined user stats have been renumbered. This is the unique ID used at BOINCstats to identify a combined user stat. Not to be confused with the CPID or the BAM! id!!

As a result, the link for the default signature has changed as well. Please look on your detailed stats page for the new link.

Customized BAM! signatures are not affected, team, country and host stats or stats for the projects are also not affected.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

2011-03-02: Downtime

I ran into a little trouble upgrading the operating system on the servers and it took me a little while to figure out what was going wrong.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2011-01-17: Unexpected downtime

The web server got stuck in a fatal error loop and I had to manually convince it to get out of it. We had about five hours of downtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2010-12-31: New server needed.

The update server is slowly dying, therefor I'm planning to build a new server to replace it.

You can support BOINCstats by donating hardware or a small monetary donation. If you want to donate hardware, I'm looking for server-grade hardware, hardware SAS RAID controller, SSD's etc. Contact me via PM or email (webmaster_at_boincstats_dot_com) if you want to donate hardware.

2010-12-31: Happy birthday everyone!

Due to a bug in my birthday query everybody who has not set his birthday got an email today congratulating them with their birthday. Everybody was also shown on the front page as celebrating their 41st birthday.

My apologies for the problem. The query is fixed and this shouldn't happen anymore.

Edit: I was able to stop quite a few of the outgoing emails, but about 5000 got out.

2010-08-18: BOINCstats now available in Romanian.

BOINCstats is now available in Romanian. Thanks to Philip Sultanescu for this accomplishment.
Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2010-07-30: Database problems

During the daily update the database server locked up and after I restarted it I found the database totally corrupted.

It took me some time to recover all data and the update is now in progress. I froze the XML imports so the numbers will be the same as if it ran on time.

Incremental updates are disabled until tomorrow. The host update will skip a day.

I removed all my ramblings from the shoutbox (this was the quickest way for me to update you) and removed replies to them.

2010-06-13: Unexpected downtime

There was a power failure and subsequently a network failure at the data-center. The power failure happened during the daily update leaving the database with incorrect data (got to love Murphy). Therefor we have to recover the database from backup and restart the update, which then will be a few hours later.

2010-02-28: Team Challenges

Team challenges @ BOINCstats is now released. Challenges can now be issued and joined by all teams. The challenge pages are open for all users.

If you are a team founder you will find a new menu item in your "Team founder" menu: "Challenges". With it you can issue challenges or join challenges issued by other teams.

On the challenge chat pages team members can chat directly with each other about the challenges. Bragging is allowed!

Of course there are detailed statistics and charts to follow the challenges and monitor your teams' standings.

See all challenges on

2010-01-04: Unexpected downtime

The user table from the site crashed which in turn made the website unreachable. We had a little over an hour of downtime.

2009-08-26: Unplanned downtime

Last night we had a long six hour downtime due to the datacenter people exchanging core switches. They promised that we would be put on a temporary switch during the maintenance but they failed to do so or the temporary switch just didn't work.

2009-07-02: Replacing database server and maintenance on the webserver.

Friday July the 3th I will replace the database server with the new server. This will not cause any downtime.

However, two of the harddrives from the webserver need to be replaced because they indicate that they will fail soon. For this I have to shut down the webserver. I don't know exactly for how long, it all depends on how quickly the RAID controller can rebuild the array.

Maintenance will start around 9:00GMT.

2009-06-19: Database server fundraiser

Dear visitor and user of BOINCstats. It's that time again where I ask for your (financial) help :).

BOINCstats has grown over the years, many things have changed, we added a separate webserver, we joined forces with Primegrid, last year we upgraded our hosting to our own rack, and we created many many stats. But one thing never changed. One proud server was always there. It was the BOINCstats webserver, then it also hosted Primegrid, and after adding the server for Primegrid and the BOINCstats webserver it became the backbone of the stats: it runs all the updates and prepares the stats for the webserver.

But all good things come to an end sometime. Lately the database server has been struggling, it became unstable. It's also getting slow because users and hosts keep increasing, but the server can no longer be upgraded.

So, it's time to replace it....

The parts for the server have been ordered, but you can understand that it's not a €250 budget computer. So I'll say it quickly so it won't seem that much: we need €2000.

If you like BOINCstats, BAM!, the forum, the user profiles or if you just like your daily portion of stats, then please consider donating a small amount. You can do so on the donation page.

Thank you very much for your support!


2009-05-16: Scheduled downtime

The datacenter where the BOINCstats servers are located is upgrading its server racks. Therefore the servers have to be moved to another floor to free up the old rack.
Monday may 18th starting 12:00 GMT BOINCstats will be down to move the servers. Expected downtime is one to two hours depending on Murphy's involvement.
This will also affect PrimeGrid as their servers are in the same rack and will be moved as well.

2008-11-25: Network problems

Our rack seems to lose network connectivity from time to time, with today having a major downtime of over two hours. DC staff has checked the network cables and found nothing wrong with them so it might be our switch. Fingers crossed for them finding a cable breakage in our network cable or otherwise it's back to the hardware store.

2008-10-23: Scheduled downtime: Monday October 27th 2008

Monday October 27th 2008 I will move the BOINCstats and PrimeGrid servers to the new rack. I can't guestimate the exact downtime, but it will be several hours, since I will have to drag the servers up to the first floor and there will be network changes.

I'll start with PrimeGrid so that Rytis can test his servers and connections while I move BOINCstats.

Let's all hope that Murphy has a day off!

2008-10-04: Hosting plan changes

Rytis and I have decided to change our server plan from co-location to hiring a rack. This will have several advantages and a disadvantage. We need your help once more. Read more about it in the comments of this article.

2008-10-01: Planned outage

In the night of October 1st on October 2nd the datacenter (where the BOINCstats and PrimeGrid servers are located) will replace several key elements of the power grid. Due to this, the servers will be powered down at October 1st 23:00GMT. The downtime is unknown at this point, but it will be at least three hours.
Of course, during this time, BOINCstats and BAM! will be offline.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I sincerely hope that this will be the last of the downtimes.

2008-10-01: Unexpected downtime...... Once more

Again an unexpected downtime caused by the datacenter. All servers (BOINCstats and PrimeGrid) lost power and were down for two hours.

2008-09-28: Team profiles

All new on BOINCstats/BAM!: team profiles. Team founders will find a new item in their BAM! menu to create a profile for their team. This profile is visible for everyone and can be used to blatantly promote the team. It offers the option of joining the visitor to the team, lists all members (who have BAM! accounts) and visitors can send messages.

All in all this is a perfect way to promote teams, so team founders: why wait? Create the profile now!

2008-09-27: Unexpected downtime...... again

And another unexpected downtime caused by the datacenter. All servers (BOINCstats and PrimeGrid) lost power and were down for nearly an hour.

We are quite fed up with it now and I will start looking for other co-location or rack options. This will unavoidably mean paying more than we do now, but this much downtime is clearly unacceptable, especially for BAM!.

If you know decent hosting in the Netherlands in the area of Roosendaal or Rotterdam (or anywhere in between) feel free to drop a note.

2008-09-19: Unexpected downtime

The webserver was disconnected from the network by accident by the datacenter staff making it unaccesible to the outside world. I only noticed this after an hour or so, at which point I first did some checks, then decided to reboot the server (via remote APC). This didn't solve the problem so I made a call to the datacenter where the problem was found.

The forced reboot corrupted the user database, therefor after the reboot nobody could log in. The database was repaired without dataloss.

2008-09-01: Country deeplinks changed!

Deeplinks to pages related to countries have changed for the BOINC combined stats. They will also change for the projects in the coming week. This is needed to relieve stress on the database.

2008-08-22: Database problems

Due to massive database problems the daily update will be delayed for at least three hours.

As you all know, Murphy is a big friend of mine, so he arranged that the network in the datacenter went down when I was restarting the daily update. So, we are delayed for yet an extra hour.

Update (18:25):
Just restarted the daily update.

And another update:
There was a small fire in a power convertor. The fire also damaged (but did not destroy) a fuse, which prevented the diesel generator to kick in.

2008-08-18: New BOINCstats framework

BOINCstats has undergone a major revision to its framework. Though the general look may seem the same, behind the exterior much has changed. The framework was completely rewritten to be safer and more compatible with certain browsers.

So, what has changed:
- The divs that give the site its look have been replaced, some browsers had problems rendering BOINCstats correctly.
- Some backgrounds and colors have changed.
- The menu sections can be dragged to any position you like. Same goes for the front-page. When you are logged-in the changes are stored in your profile.
- Parts of the forum and PM code are updated or replaced. BOINCstats no longer implements the changes from the BOINC trac but goes its own way with the forum code.
- The forum, PM and shoutbox have a WYSIWYG editor.
- The shoutbox supports a limited set of BBcodes.
- The profile pages are completely changed. It's now possible to be friends with other BAM! members.
- And a lot of minor changes that I won't bother you with.

As with all major changes, there may be problems/bugs. Please report them in the bug section of the forum.

I hope you enjoy the new look and features. If you have suggestions or new ideas, don't hesitate to tell me about it in the forum.

2008-07-28: Network problems

The data center where the BOINCstats and Primegrid servers are located had problems with the network tonight causing both BOINCstats and Primegrid to be unreachable for some time. The problem still causes intermittent network interruptions. We apologize for the downtime.

Rytis and I are looking into renting a server cabinet instead of the current co-locating. De disadvantage of the co-locating is that our servers are spread across the server floor which is not helping with stability. At first glance this seems actually cheaper, but the catch is that the energy costs will be charged afterwards and at the moment we have no idea how much power we actually use. We keep you informed.

2008-07-25: System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is SysAdminDay so take this opportunity and give your sysadmin a big hug (or more!).

2008-06-02: BOINCstats and BAM! now also in Turkish

BOINCstats and BAM! are now available in Turkish. Thanks to CoolnQuiet for the translation. Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2008-05-11: Unscheduled downtime

We had some downtime in the last 12 hours due to Apache suddenly not accepting any new connections. The first time was quickly solved but the second time was during the night and was solved in the morning resulting in 4,5 hours of downtime.

I'll be monitoring the server closely. At the moment I can't find a reason for the Apache problem so I can only hope it was a fluke and won't happen again.

2008-04-28: BOINCstats and BAM! now also in Brazilian Portuguese

BOINCstats and BAM! are now available in Brazilian Portuguese. Thanks to Valter Aguiar for the translation. Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2008-02-17: Pies... Want them in 2D or 3D?

After the recent introduction of the 3D pie charts some people immediately missed the simple and small 2D pie charts. Not to worry, they never really were gone.

Some changes had to be made to the stats pages and an option had to be added to select between 2D and 3D. This option finds it's place in the BAM! menu under BOINCstats.

Setting this applies to all pie charts on BOINCstats. The setting is stored in your BAM! profile. If you are not logged in then 3D pie charts are shown by default.

2008-02-03: Team recruitment and the PM system

It has come to my attention that the Private Message system of BOINCstats is being used to recruit members for teams. This is a violation of the rules and invades the privacy of the members. One of the concerns about the PM system in BOINC was exactly this: spamming people with team invites.
I request you all to use the forum dedicated to team recruitment. I will monitor accounts that were complained about. If team recruitment PM's are found they will be removed.

2008-02-01: Results of the Top Team Stat in January 2008

Congratulations to team SETI.USA for finishing first in the Top Team Stats for Most Credit in January 2008. An honorable mention goes to SETI.Germany for almost catching them this month and for ending up in second place.

The first place in the fastest growing Top Team Stats goes to team jexner in both disciplines.

2008-01-13: All new stats!!

BOINCstats presents all new leader boards for teams! These new statistics show in three different views the 100 top performing teams of the last month in all projects or BOINC combined. Of course there is also a history which goes back to August 2004 (not for all projects!).

Most credit ('TopTeams - Credit' in the menu) shows the 100 teams that accumulated most credit during the month.
Best Credit Percentage ('TopTeams - Credit %' in the menu) shows the 100 teams that relatively improved their own credit count the most in a percentage of their credit at the beginning of the month.
Best Position Change ('TopTeams - Position' in the menu) shows the 100 teams which had the biggest position change (in a positive direction).

These are, each in their own category, the BOINCstats Top Teams!

2007-12-08: Scheduled downtime

During the night of Friday 14th/Saturday 15th December, somewhere between 18:00~06:00 GMT, BOINCstats will be down. There will be work on the electrical system in the data center. UPS capacity will we enlarged. As this will be done throughout the data center the downtime may take the better part of the night.

After the daily update of Friday all automated processes on the BOINCstats servers will be suspended until after the downtime. The result will be that the host update will run late and there will probably be no incremental updates due to this.

During the downtime BAM! will not work. Your hosts will report connection errors. They will resume connecting to BAM! after 24 hours. The signature banners will also not work.

All this is necessary because the data center is using more power than the current power infrastructure can provide, resulting in unexpected downtimes like last week.

2007-12-04: Unexpected downtown

We experienced unexpected downtime tonight. From 18:30 till 19:30GMT we first lost network connectivity on the BOINCstats webserver and the Primegrid server. Half an hour later the BOINCstats database server also lost network connectivity. I expected the worst (like a dead switch or even hacking) but sometime later they all came back up.
Everything seems to be running fine again.

2007-08-27: Unexpected system reboot

Last night there was a power interruption in the data centre where the BOINCstats servers are located. This caused a reboot on both servers, interrupting the host update on the database server. As it was in the middle of the night here I only found out about this a few hours later.
I have restarted the host update. Unfortunately this means there will probably be no incremental updates today.

2007-08-19: Planned maintenance

Tonight around 0:00GMT there will be network maintenance in the data centre where the BOINCstats servers are located. Access to the website or other services may be slow during the maintenance.

2007-08-11: Downtime

BOINCstats has been temporary unavailable tonight because of database problems on the web server. The problem has been solved and we are back up.

2007-08-04: Logo poll, round 2

Cori has created new logo's for BOINCstats and BAM! based on the new BOINC logo, and in round one you could vote for you favorite BOINCstats and BAM! logo. As there was no conclusive outcome I combined the top three logo’s into twins and made and artist impression of how it would look like on the site. The new logo’s are a little rough because I don’t have the original files yet.

Head over to the POLL page and once again vote for your favorite logo!

2007-07-29: Logo poll

Cori has created new logo’s for BOINCstats and BAM! based on the new BOINC logo. Please vote in the POLL for your favorite logo. The poll will run until August 4th.

2007-07-26: Jobs @ BOINCstats

Well, not really at BOINCstats, but if you're from Belgium you may want to read the comments on this newsitem.

2007-06-28: BOINCstats webserver maintenance

BOINCstats and BAM! may be temporary down today while I’m trying to solve the MySQL problems that occur during the stats update.

2007-06-27: Short downtime

The BOINCstats/BAM! webserver had a short downtime of 15 minutes to install a new Linux kernel. The database server and the PrimeGrid server managed to do this upgrade with a downtime of two minutes but unfortunately the webserver didn’t want to do a soft reboot and had to be forced to reboot with a power cycle.

2007-06-11: Database maintenance

I am currently changing the database structure of the stats tables. During the rest of this day there may be some irregularities in the representation of the stats and/or the search!

2007-06-03: BOINCstats and BAM! now also in Finnish

BOINCstats and BAM! are now available in Finnish. Thanks to Titgoutte for the translation.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2007-05-06: BOINCstats and BAM! now also in Swedish

BOINCstats and BAM! are now available in Swedish. Thanks to Titgoutte for the translation.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2007-04-30: New polls

Starting this week BOINCstats will poll your opinion again in the poll on the frontpage. Let your voice be heard, and vote now!

2007-04-29: BOINC host update re-enabled

The BOINC host update has been re-enabled after a thorough reprogramming of the code.

2007-04-25: Scheduled downtime: Server migration.

Starting Thursday around 10:00GMT BOINCstats and BAM! will be down while the websites are moved to a new server. Expected downtime is around two hours if Murphy doesn’t interfere.

After the functionality of the websites is restored there may be brief interruptions while settings are being fine-tuned.

2007-04-23: New server now a reality!

Because of the continuous problems that plague BOINCstats, BAM! and PrimeGrid over the past few weeks I have decided to jump the gun, and loaned the money needed to get all server parts to BOINCstats. I already assembled and installed the server and I’m now load-testing it.

If all goes well we should be able to put the server into production coming Thursday. This will mean that on Thursday there will be several outages, and don’t expect any of the updates to run at their supposed times.

The ‘old’ servers will be reinstalled and thoroughly tested (because of their age) during Thursday, Friday and Saturday so there will be outages at all those days.

PrimeGrid will be most affected by this as it’s also moving to another server which needs to be reinstalled first. I expect the PrimGrid server to be up and running on Saturday.

Please don’t stop donating. BOINCstats is still short on money (and in debt), and we will have to pay a higher co-location fee.

Thanks to all who have donated so far.

2007-04-23: BOINC host update disabled

Due to successive server lockups during the high-load BOINC host update, this update is disabled until the new server is in production.

2007-04-23: BOINCstats and BAM! now also in Czech

BOINCstats and BAM! are now available in the Czech language. Thanks to Zelvuska for the translation.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2007-04-13: Donation drive update

We made some small changes to the needed server parts, and updated prices (where applicable) to the latest prices. We also added two items to the list, a network switch, the current switch doesn’t have enough ports, and some small items we forgot when we build the server in our minds.

For those wondering: yes, prices are higher in Holland than in the US. In fact, Holland may be one of the more expensive countries. But ordering outside Holland has some downsides, the major one being quick warranty.

All parts of the server are ordered now at Alternate (which is conveniently only 10 minutes away from the data center), and with the current donation rate we should have raised most of the money for the server parts when they are in stock.

2007-04-10: Todays stats update is late...

There were some database problems today due to an unusual high return of workunits at PrimeGrid. These cause considerable load, and to protect the server from going down some database operations were canceled by the operating system.
One of the operations canceled was the updating of the stats tables (these tables are transferred from the database server (where they are updated) to the web server).

Stats are fine, they will just be a bit late today.

Once we have the new server up and running these ‘annoyances’ should not occur anymore.

2007-03-27: Downtime

Problems in the datacenter were the cause of BOINCstats, BAM! and PrimeGrid being unreachable for a little over half an hour. All operations seem to be back to normal now.

2007-03-24: BOINCstats/BAM! online shop

Buy great BOINCstats and BAM! products in the cafepress powered online shop. As usual, all profits made on the products will be used to support BOINCstats/BAM!. You can find the shop at

2007-03-17: Fundraising drive update.

The total donated amount is now €3659, the average donation size is €20. The Paypal fee was €197, so the net amount we have received is €3462, bringing us at 46.2% of our target. A big thanks if you have contributed.
Also a big thanks to Mike047 for donating two Intel Xeon 5120 CPU’s. This made the choice for the platform easier so I have selected the definite parts for the server and I updated the fundraising page accordingly.
Just for the server parts we are now about €1000 short. Please have a look at your Paypal account to find out if you can spare a few cents to help us out. You know it’s greatly appreciated!

2007-03-15: Custom BOINCstats signatures now possible.

It is now possible to customize your BOINCstats user or team signature from the BOINCstats menu in BAM!.

2007-01-28: Server problems, solved

We have found three IP addresses that were making enormous amounts of requests to the webserver. It doesn’t look like a DoS attack, but more like badly configured spiders. All three addresses were originating from one provider in China. We have blocked the IP’s at the network level, and after that the speed of the site slowly went back to normal.

2007-01-27: Server problems, follow up

It looks we are victim to a DoS attack. The reason why the site is slow is because all available Apache slots for visitors are filled up to the maximum in a matter of seconds. When all slots are used, you have to wait for a free slot before the site loads.
At the moment I have no idea what to do about this.

2007-01-26: Server problems

We are having performance problems with the webserver at the moment. It looks like it runs out of memory all the time. I’m trying different settings at the moment but unfortunately it doesn’t help much. Please be patient while I’m trying to fix this.
This problem also affects Primegrid.

2007-01-20: Fundraising drive update.

We have now reached 1/3th of our target. The total donated amount is €2640, the average donation size is €22. Thanks to all who have donated.

Taking the PayPal fee into account, we are now at 33.39% of our target of €7500. Please help us reach our target by donating a small amount today. Thanks!

2007-01-01: Languages removed

Polish and Taiwanese have been removed from the language selection. Unfortunately these languages were no longer maintained. If you want to volunteer to maintain one of these languages, please tell me in this thread.

2007-01-01: Happy new year!

Happy new year and best wishes to everybody. May your dreams for this year come true!

2006-12-16: BOINCstats can now be viewed in Catalan

BOINCstats is now available in Catalan. Thanks to Miquel Pericas for the translation.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2006-12-14: Fundraising drive update.

We are under way for over a week now, time for an update:
Donated so far (before PayPal fee) is €917.78. 30 people have donated, making the average donation size €30.59. Thanks to all who have donated.

Taking the PayPal fee into account, we are now at 11.79% of our target of €7500. Please help us reach our target by donating a small amount today. Thanks!

2006-12-06: BOINCstats/BAM!/PrimeGrid fundraising drive

We are starting our annual fundraise to raise the funds needed to run BOINCstats, BAM! and PrimeGrid in 2007 and to keep the projects in working order. You can read more on our fundraising page ( Please help us reach our goal by contributing today.

2006-11-15: BOINCstats can now be viewed in Spanish

BOINCstats is now available in Spanish, the world’s fourth language. Thanks to Miquel Pericas for the translation.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2006-10-29: New project added: DepSpid

DepSpid is added to BOINCstats.
DepSpid is a distributed type of a web crawler (like the ones used by search engines) and has two major goals:
1st: Build up a database containing the dependencies between individual web sites and groups of web sites.
2nd: Collect statistical data about the structure of the web.

2006-10-23: New project added

Proteins@home is added to BOINCstats.

2006-08-25: New projects

Project Neuron and RenderFarm@Home have been added to the stats.

2006-07-26: Unscheduled downtime

For some unknown reason all hard disks in the BOINCstats www server went into read-only mode around 7:30GMT this morning, causing login problems on BOINCstats and Primegrid. In addition site caching and database updates all failed. During the attempt to fix the problem the server locked up on reboot due to a file system error. The technical support of the data centre fixed this problem for us.
All seems to be running fine now, but I would not be surprised to find some corruption in either cached files or in a database table.

2006-07-06: Upgrade completed

The upgrades are completed successfully. Both servers are now equipped with the maximum amount of memory (4GB).

Total downtime was only ten minutes.

2006-07-05: Scheduled downtime

BOINCstats will be down on Thursday July 6th somewhere between 10 and 12 GMT. Both servers will be upgraded with more memory and some maintenance will be performed.

All services (stats, signatures, BAM!, forum) will be affected.


NuCHiLL has developed nBOiNC, a Windows program that shows you your BOINC-Combined statistics and, when selected, the stats of a single project. It also shows details of the workunit which is calculated and the RSS news of a selection of projects.

2006-06-24: New charts = new URLs

All charts on BOINCstats are replaced by a new version that also implements caching. To accommodate this, the URLs for the charts are changed. If you link to the charts or show them on your site you need to change to the new charts, the old charts will stop to function next week.

2006-06-20: BOINCstats in Japanese

BOINCstats is now available in Japanese. The translation is done by je2bwm.

Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags at the top of every page.

2006-06-16: Scraping, an explanation.

I created a thread in the forum that explains in more detail what the deal is with scraping. You can find it here.

2006-06-15: Scrapers ye be warned!

After several request and warnings it's now time for a serious talk with those who still scrape the pages of BOINCstats.

Scraping is the automated downloading of standard BOINCstats pages, and parsing them for use on other sites or statistics.

Scraping puts too much load on the BOINCstats server. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages are requested in sequence, bringing the server to its knees. NO MORE!

From now on, every scraper detected will have his IP address blocked indefinitely. Your stats history will be purged and if the scraper is a member of a team, the team stats histories will be erased as well. For all projects! This cannot be undone.

I'm sorry it has to come to this, but BOINCstats is a source of information and fun for the viewers of THIS site and the pleasure of using BOINCstats is greatly reduced by a slow or unresponsive website.

If you need data from BOINCstats contact me by email. I'm sure we can work something out.

2006-05-30: BOINCstats Account Manager (BAM!) goes public!

Over the past few weeks account creation has been opened several times, and a few hundred users are already signed up to BAM, but now account creation will go open and stay open, because BAM goes public today!All nasty bugs are ironed out and I feel it’s time to remove the beta tag from BAM.So, nothing is holding you back to create your own BAM account. Be sure to read the introduction on before you sign-up and start changing settings or attaching hosts.

2006-05-30: New forum

BOINCstats now uses a familiar BOINC style forum with a few twists. All threads and posts have been converted from the old to the new forum.To post in the new forum you need a BAM account. Forum preferences have been added to the BAM menu. At the moment the forum settings are not propagated to the projects.

2006-05-21: URGENT: BAM and Linux hosts

Due to a small difference between AMS requests from Windows and Linux systems, BAM was unable to determine which project a Linux host was attach to. This problem is now solved, but this means that BAM has no record of attached projects for these systems, and BAM will order these hosts to detach from all projects.

To resolve this, you have to login to BAM, and check these hosts, and select the projects they should attach to.

2006-05-12: Unscheduled downtime

There was a hardware failure (CPU) that caused the WWW server to shut down. Downtime was approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Stats are not affected as these are updated by the DB server.
No hardware was replaced, I unfortunately don’t have a spare X2.

2006-05-11: BAM! account creation closed

We reached the desired number of BAM! beta test users so account creation is now closed.

2006-05-10: BOINCstats starts public beta test of BAM!

Today we started with a public beta test for the BOINCstats Account Manager (BAM!). The limit is set at 200 members, so be quick to register your account.
More information on BAM! can be found on the introduction pages and in the F.A.Q.

2006-04-26: Scraping

I’m continuing to see scrapers that do nothing more than downloading pages from BOINCstats and wasting valuable bandwidth and server resources. Remember that when detected, the IP address of the scraper will be blocked. This will also prevent the users behind that address from viewing their stats.
Scraping is systematically (usually automated) browsing of a website, downloading the contents and using it to generate other pages, mostly without permission of the owner of the website.

2006-04-03: BOINCstats now viewable in Chinese.

BOINCstats is now available in Chinese. The translation is done by Yin Gang of can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2006-03-10: Reloading is bad

Please try to suppress the urge to hit reload when a page does not load fast enough.The query that caused your page to load slow will be executing until it’s done. Reloading a page before it is fully loaded will issue the same queries to the database, resulting in twice the slow query in the database queue (making everything even slower).

2006-03-06: BOINCstats is back!

After a two day downtime, BOINCstats is back on line. The problem with the server was/is two-fold:
1: The load on the server gets so high that the server becomes totally unresponsive. There are a few solutions, but none of these is a real solution.
2: There was a flaw in the Linux kernel, which made the system clock go to fast, which was bad for some reasons, mainly a big new feature that will be released soon. After updating the kernel this weekend (while I was at the datacenter) the system wouldn’t boot into Linux anymore while both the SATA and SCSI hard disks where attached.
Problem 2 is solved; problem 1 remains for the time being. I have chosen to implement a small script, which disables access to the main BOINCstats website when the load gets over 20.
The signatures will still work, and the forum is open!

The real solution will be the adding of a web server (then known as the DB server) in addition to the current server. This will take the load of the DB server (no visitors trying to grab their stats), and keep the updates fast, and if all goes well, with more detail and features.As it looks now, this web server may not be to far away, but I still need your help: so if you could spare a few cents, please consider a donation. More details on the web server will follow.Ow, I was able to run daily updates on both Saturday and Sunday, although the one on Saturday was five hours later as usual. I’m happy to say that (as far as I know) stats were not affected!

2006-02-22: Last night's downtime.

Last night the server decided to take a brake for a few hours. The reason is still unknown to me, but after a good night of rest the server came back up nicely when the network admin of the datacenter rebooted it.

2006-02-19: Guest posting in the forum.

As of today guests can no longer start new topics or reply in any of the forum sections of the BOINCstats forum. This is due to the increasing number of spam postings in the last few weeks.I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

2006-02-09: Software problems (mostly)

The currently installed Linux kernel of the BOINCstats server has an irritating flaw that causes the system clock to go (about 2~3 times) too fast. Today a new kernel was available, and I decided to install it. I have done this (on the BOINCstats server) several times before, but just in case I did it in the morning, so if anything did go wrong, someone in the datacenter could fix it during the morning.And something did go wrong. After installing the new kernel I rebooted the server, and it didn’t came back up. I tried several things, but from 60km away one can’t do much, so I wrote an email to the support guys and left for work.Then more things went wrong. The support guys didn’t respond until I wrote a second mail, and they promised to take a look before 17:00GMT (that’s nine hours after it went down). When I called at 17:10, they were not there yet, so I went home (my work is about 10km from the datacenter) and waited.And again, more went wrong. The support guy booted the wrong kernel, disabling the second core of the AMD X2. When I instructed him to reboot to the correct kernel, the network card wasn’t recognized anymore. I then decided to drive up there to get things going myself. And finally, after 13 hours of downtime, the server ran again, only to be swamped with requests.The server is now slowly recovering (still running the old kernel), and is running the daily update.

2006-02-04: World Community Grid teams

World Community Grid team stats are now available.

2006-01-14: Maintenance completed

The new hard disks are in place and I also replaced the PSU as the ‘old’ one could not cope with the added power drawn from it.After upgrading the hardware I made the (one hour) drive home and moved the database to the new hard drives (configured as RAID 0). This was a second downtime which lasted a bit longer then I anticipated.All is running well now, and I’m testing performance and stability now.

2006-01-14: Scheduled maintenance

Saturday at around 14:00GMT I will perform some maintenance tasks on the BOINCstats server. I will also add two high speed hard drives for improved performance to solve the current performance problem.I expect the downtime to last for one hour. During this time none of the BOINCstats services will work.Thanks once again to everyone who donated for the hard drives, you paid for one of them. To everyone else: don’t hesitate if you have a few lost bucks on your PayPal account, you can still help me out by donating for the second hard drive ;)

2006-01-10: Server problems once again.

The server is having serious issues with system load at the moment. This may (or may not) be related to the before mentioned hard disk problem. During the BOINC-host update the system was under a load average of 124 (normal load average 3~6!), and the website become almost unreachable and incredibly slow.Other updates also take longer to complete, with the BOINC-users increasing from 25~30 minutes to 90 minutes today!As of now, until a solution is found, the BOINC hosts will no longer update. If necessary I will also disable updating the other hosts stats.I’m very sorry for the inconvenience but I feel this is the only way to keep the site running until I get things fixed.I’d like to thank all who donated after the server crash of last Saturday. The donations will help to pay for the new hard disks needed. For those interested, they’ll probably be 2x Seagate Cheetah (ST336754LW if you want to look up the specs) 15000RPM SCSI U320.

2006-01-07: Server crash

Today the hard drive in the BOINCstats server failed and caused a server crash. The server rebooted fine, but I fear for the stability of it, as a broken hard drive can’t be good.The problem is probably the number of DB read/writes needed to update the statistics (which now contain well over nine million records).I will need to consider about what to do next, as a new SCSI hard drive isn’t exactly cheap to come by.

2005-12-18: Project added: SIMAP

Stats for SIMAP (Similarity Matrix of Proteins) have been added.SIMAP is a database of protein similarities. It contains about all currently published protein sequences and is continuously updated. Protein similarities are computed using the FASTA algorithm which provides optimal speed and sensitivity.As usual it takes a few days for the new statistics to become stable.

2005-11-18: Xtremlab

I have decided to put Xtremlab in the category ‘Retired Projects’. Unless somebody can prove they will be back it stays there. That way the last credit increases remain in the database.

2005-11-15: Project added: μFluids

Stats for μFluids have been added. Please not that some graphs need another day before they start showing something meaningful.

2005-11-13: BOINC combined host stats.

BOINC combined host stats are now available. Please be aware that not all projects are (completely) ready for combined hosts stats, and as a result the stats can be either incomplete and/or incorrect.
In your personal host stats you may miss some hosts, or even have some hosts that aren’t yours. Some hosts are not merged into one because their CPID is not aligned across projects. This is an issue to be resolved by the projects.Previously, the number of BOINC hosts was the sum of all projects hosts. Now it’s the actual number of hosts in the combined database. As not all hosts have a CPID yet, and because there are many duplicate CPIDs, this number is much less then it’s used to be!

2005-11-07: Planned outage.

There are some necessary updates needed on the BOINCstats server to improve speed, response time and future features. The outage will take place on Wednesday November 9th starting at 10:00GMT. The outage may last most of the day, depending on how many visits mr.Murphy has planned.None of the BOINCstats pages, signatures or other services will be available during the outage.

2005-11-03: New project: World Community Grid

World Community Grid is added to the stats. They are introducing BOINC alongside their original DC project. Currently the BOINC version is only available for Linux.
At the moment they don’t support teams but this will be added in due time.

2005-10-24: Emergency maintenance

Between 22:00GMT October 24 and 04:00GMT October 25 there will be emergency maintenance on the glasfibre cables that connect the BOINCstats server (well, the room it is placed in) with the Internet. The website may be difficult to reach during this time.

2005-10-24: Estoy buscando un traductor español

Desafortunadamente he sido No. español del traductor del hallazgo
posible aún. Este boletín está por esta razón traduce con un programa en
línea, y probablemente realmente no esté correcto.
Es usted de habla hispana, y tiene que usted detectar traduce BOINCstats en español, ¡usted presenta entonces en el foro!

So, if you're thinking: what's that about? Well, I'm still looking for translators, so if you're interested, let me know in the forum.

2005-10-18: Signature graphics

If you are using one of the signature graphics, then please check if you are using the correct URL. The old URL ( will be removed soon. Check the F.A.Q. for the new URL.

2005-10-08: Now available in French

BOINCstats is now available in French. Thanks to Mandrake for this accomplishment. Merci beaucoup!
Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2005-09-24: XtremLab and Rosetta@home added

Statistics for XtremLab and Rosetta@home are added to BOINCstats.

2005-09-08: Taiwanese

BOINCstats is now available in Taiwanese. The translation is done by the SETI@Taiwan group ( you find an error in any of the languages, please report it in the forum.I'm still looking for translators.Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2005-09-03: BOINCstats unreachable

BOINCstats has been unreachable for five hours last night (23:05 – 4:15 GMT). This was due to a failure in the internet connection of the datacenter where the server is located. Along with BOINCstats, all sites hosted there were unreachable.

2005-08-30: Unscheduled downtime

The server had about two hours of unscheduled downtime tonight. The reason was a lockup of the server. An attempt to remotely reboot the server failed because of a bad configured config file required to boot. The reason for the lockup is still unkown.

2005-08-21: Now available in Italian

BOINCstats is now also translated into Italian.
Thanks to Leaden of for the translation. If you are able to read Italian you should take a look at his interesting website about astronomy.Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2005-08-18: New languages available

Last week we added three new languages to BOINCstats: Lithuanian, Polish and Bulgarian. I’d like to thank Rytis, Mchl and Son Goku 3SSJ for the translations. If you use one of these languages and respect their work then you could leave a ‘thank you’ post in the forum.Languages can be selected by clicking on the flags on the top-right of every page.

2005-08-13: Translators wanted

I'm looking for more translators. At the moment we're working on Polish, Danish, Irish, Chinese, French and Bulgarian. If you would like to translate BOINCstats into your language, you can apply for the 'job' by sending me a PM in the forum.

2005-08-13: New signature graphics

A problem with the signature graphics has been solved. It was not possible to use the signatures in most forums because of their extension (.php) and the parameters (?id=xxxx). I wrote new signatures (visually the same) that do work in all forums.
Go to the F.A.Q. here to learn about the new URL for the signatures.

2005-08-08: Forum back online

The new forum is online. I have not yet fully customized it, but it functions without errors (at least, I couldn’t find any).
There is some good news, and some bad news.
Good news: all topics, post, and most importantly: all user accounts have been transferred from the old forum. That means you can login with the same username and password you used on the old forum.
Bad new: no more .php images, and every topic that has an invalid picture doesn’t open the first time you click the link. BOINCstats then just seems to stall. Just hit the back button, click the link again and you can view the topic.
If you encounter any problems with the forum, please use the ‘submit a bug’ link in the menu bar on the left.

2005-08-07: Forum

I have been thinking about and working on the forum situation, and I am convinced that BOINCstats needs a forum. Problem is that I don’t trust PHPBB anymore, as the server was hacked while running the latest (and securest) version of PHPBB (which is by the way still the current version of PHPBB). I looked into other solutions, and I decided not to go with an open source forum anymore. The risk of being hacked again is in my opinion to high, and loosing all of BOINCstats data to satisfy somebody’s feeling of “damn I’m good” is not worth the risk. I tried to use the BOINC forum, but it needs to much changes to work outside of a BOINC project.
I the end decided to buy a license for either vbulletin or invision power board, and I choose the latter. If all goes well, I’ll be able to import the PHPBB data and be up and running with the new forum before the end of the week.

2005-08-02: BACK!

BOINCstats is back after a day long downtime. During the downtime the software on the server was reinstalled, which was necessary because the server was hacked and performance and stability were degrading.The forum will be closed for some time, and may not return in it’s old form. As PHPBB is very successful and widely used, it is also a great target for hackers, so they will try to hack PHPBB (and this server) again. I’m looking into adapting the BOINC forum software.

1970-01-01: Team Challenges

Team challenges @ BOINCstats is now released. Challenges can now be issued and joined by all teams. The challenge pages are open for all users.

If you are a team founder you will find a new menu item in your "Team founder" menu: "Challenges". With it you can issue challenges or join challenges issued by other teams.

On the challenge chat pages team members can chat directly with each other about the challenges. Bragging is allowed!

Of course there are detailed statistics and charts to follow the challenges and monitor your teams' standings.

See all challenges on