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2012-07-06: BAM! introduces scheduled tasks

With this newest BAM! feature you can schedule tasks to be executed on your groups or hosts when certain thresholds are reached.

Triggers are having a certain amount of work from a project on your host, reaching a certain amount of credit in a project or simply on time.

A task can set projects on the host to attach/detach, suspend/resume, no new work, delayed detach and abort not started work.

You can for example suspend all projects on a host when a challenge starts (except the challenge project of course), switch your host-group to a new project when you have reached your credit target or set all projects to no new work when your favorite project has work and resume them when this project runs out of work.

You can find the page to manage the tasks in your BAM! menu.

2008-06-23: Limited number of BAM! user accounts compromised

A hacker has succeeded in retrieving limited information from a few members of BAM!. The members that are affected have received an email.
The hacker in question reported the exploit himself and stated that he wouldn't abuse the information. Yet I urge the ones affected to at least change their password.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience. At least it put me back into the real world, and I'll check all of BOINCstats for further exploits.

2008-02-12: Pimp your signature!

Create great looking signatures like the ones below. How? Easily create them with the signature editor (BAM! menu under BOINCstats\Signature). You can upload your own images, set the colours and the font and change the name that is displayed. Have fun!

2007-10-27: Enigma URL switch

Enigma has changed it’s url and BAM! needs to update all hosts to the new url. The challenge is that doing this the normal way, all work (in progress or completed) would be lost because the project is detached from the old url, and re-attached on the new url.

In order not to waste any work, BAM! will now issue a ‘no new work’ for Enigma. You can verify this in your host settings. Tomorrow (when I hope most hosts will have completed and reported their work) BAM! will instruct the hosts to change the url and set the project to fetch work again.

If you change the ‘no new work’ setting before the url switch is done or if you do not have a recent client version that supports ‘no new work’, you will most probably loose work!

2007-07-08: Synchronizing retired projects

BOINCstats and BAM! now offer the unique feature to synchronize your account in retired projects with your current settings. If your retired project has an old CPID you can now change its CPID to your actual one. Furthermore you can change the username and country of the retired project account.

You can find this option in the BAM! menu under BOINCstats.

Be advised that this feature only works if you added the retired project to BAM! when the project was still in production!

2006-10-30: 10,000 users!

Exactly five months ago BAM! was launched and today we reached a total of 10,000 registered users. It is encouraging to see this number of users and we are very motivated to make BAM! even better.

Some more numbers:
On average a user has 14 projects accounts and 1 host. Each host has an average of six attached projects. Each day there are 15,000 synchronizations between BAM! and hosts.
There is a total of 31 fully supported projects, and two partially supported projects.
The most used BOINC client is 5.4.11, with 5.4.9 coming in second.
There are 3000 votes for the project popularity list.

2006-10-05: New database structure.

BAM! is switched to a new database structure. If you experience any problems on the BOINCstats site then first try to logout, then login again.
If you find that something is not working correct anymore then post this in the BAM! bug report forum.

The changes to the database were necessary to keep supporting the growing number of projects, and to allow for more (future) features.

2006-08-17: New BAM! logo competition.

You can now vote in the forum for a new BAM! logo. The thread is here.

2006-08-13: Synchronization error

A synchronization error between the two servers caused some problems today for a short time. New accounts were created and validated, but the www server was not aware of this. After bringing the servers in sync the www server recognized all new accounts.

2006-08-11: Profiles added to BAM!.

It is now possible to add a profile to your BAM! account. Profiles are visible for everybody, not just BAM! users. When enough profiles have been created a User of the Day will be added to the site.

2006-08-10: AMS functions

It is now possible to disable the AMS functions of BAM!. This will disable all communication between BAM! and any project for your account. Your attached hosts will no longer receive instructions from BAM!. Only settings for BOINCstats or BAM! itself remain functional.