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2020-06-17: Should the fixed credits be higher?

I have had a couple people mention that the fixed credits should be higher. I tried to set the credits to be in line with the cobblestone definition, but it's possible I missed the mark.

I will wait for feedback before making any changes. Please share your credit opinions.

2020-05-31: Expired SSL certificates in BOINC Client -- User Action Required

This was discussed in another thread, and it just occurred to me I should post a news item with more explicit instructions.

The issue is that the BOINC client comes bundled with SSL certificates and these expired earlier today. Here are the basic steps to fix the problem. (Note: this works on linux and I see no reason why it shouldn't work on Windows too.)
1. Download the new "ca-bundle.crt" file from here:!AsVDg7OAm7-whqEqBXKHuOie0UoBKA?e=VHwBAP
2. Replace the old ca-bundle.crt file with the new one (it should be in your BOINC root directory).

2020-05-23: Moving to fixed credit

I have replaced CreditNew (or CreditScrew as some like to call it) with a fixed credit system.

The fixed value is based on the average runtime from many samples from a single machine in a well controlled environment (one of my own computers). Obviously, the fixed value will change with each batch, since each batch has a different average runtime.

This should be a pretty fair system, especially after a host has processed enough WUs for the average to kick in. The main downside is the potential for cherry pickers - hopefully there won't be too many of them.

2020-05-11: Not enough available work

There are reports of not enough available WUs.

I believe this is caused by the "accelerated retries" mechanism. So I have temporarily disabled this feature.

This mechanism normally works very well, but I think the current Pentathlon is pushing it to the limit. In particular, if too many WUs are being aborted, then the work queue is flooded with "failed" jobs that now have a higher priority, and these jobs require a "reliable host". To make things worse, any host aborting too many jobs is flagged as unreliable, so won't be given any of these tasks.

2020-01-01: 2019 Year in Review

So another year has come and gone. It has been a very productive year. Here are the highlights:
1. The results for the septic search, which were completed in 2018, were accepted and published in The Journal of Number Theory.
2. A GPU app was developed for the decic search. Versions were eventually introduced for both Nvidia and AMD cards, and for both the Linux and Windows Platforms. During development, I discovered an opportunity for optimizing the CPU version which was subsequently implemented.
3. The decic app completed the search over ?(?-5) (subfield 5).
4. The decic app completed the search over ?(?-2) (subfield 4).
5. Searches were completed over the lower discriminant bounds for subfields 6 and 7.
6. The search over ?(?2) (subfield 3) progressed further into the higher tiers. We now only have 3 more tiers to go in that search.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful New Year!

2019-11-05: vacation

I will be going on a 2 week vacation starting in a couple days. Internet access will be spotty, so I apologize in advance for any delays responding to the boards.

The rest of the project is fully automated and there is plenty of work in the backlog, so no worries there.

2019-11-03: New GPU OpenCL versions available

I just deployed the windows AMD openCL version as a beta app. I will monitor results for errors, but please report any strange behavior.

I also deployed newer openCL versions for AMD linux and Nvidia windows. The openCL code had a couple minor tweaks; nothing major.

2019-10-09: Batch plan

I know some of you like to know the batch plan, so here it is...

Batch 13x270 is nearing completion for subfield 3. After that, we will spend a week or two picking some of the low hanging fruit on subfield 7. Then it's back to subfield 3, batch 13x271. This is a very big batch, so I expect it to last until the end of December, possibly into January.

2019-08-07: Entering Final Phase of Subfield 4

The final batch of subfield 4 is starting to rear its ugly head. This beast has 1.6M work units averaging about 2.5 hours a piece (on a 4GHz cpu).

2019-08-07: new GPU app versions

I was noticing a slow down with the GPU app versions on the 15x271 data set. I found the problem - a large fraction of the discriminants were exceeding the hard coded precision. When this happens the GPU kicks it back to the CPU to handle. As a result, the GPU spent more time idling as it waited on the CPU to finish the task. A side effect of this was that the WU would also use almost an entire CPU core.

I increased the hard coded precision and tested on the troublesome data sets as well as the newest 16x271 data set. The issue seems to be fixed, but please report any unexpected behavior.

2019-07-27: firewall black listing

It has come to my attention that some users have been black listed by the university firewall system. This usually means that the volunteer cant download tasks or even connect to the website.

We are currently looking at ways to reduce the firewall restrictions so this will stop happening. In the meantime, the work around is for me to request the IT department to white list an IP address on an individual basis.

If you or someone you know is experiencing connection problems, please let me know so I can have them added to the white list.

2019-07-13: Batch Status Update

I have archived the completed batch status tables to their own page - the link is at the top of the batch status page. This should help to clean up the main batch status page.

I have also added a table for the final search over {2,5} (subfield 7). The immediate goal is still to complete sf4, followed by sf3, but I will be dropping in some small batches for sf7 periodically to help set the stage for the future search over sf7.

2019-06-16: Subfield 5 almost complete

As you may have noticed, subfield 5 is nearing completion. In the next few hours the last of the work units will be sent out. Of course it will still take ~2weeks for the final results to trickle in before it's officially complete.

This is a huge milestone! This subfield was originally estimated to take over a year to complete. Due to the new optimized apps (including GPU apps), this was completed in just several months.

We will be moving on to subfield 4. But first we will make a short detour and finish off subfield 6 DS7. Don't let the ~2.5mil work units scare you. These were generated for the old apps, and would have taken about 2 hours a pop, but with the newer apps they should be about 10x faster. That means we should blow through about 350k work units per day. If this turns out to be too much of a strain on the server, then we will jump straight to subfield 4 (and run sf6 DS7 in parallel).

Thanks everyone for your contributions! We couldn't have done this without our volunteers.

2019-05-15: GPU status update

It's been over a month since our last update, but I now have some good news. I have made some improvements to the GPU code and am ready to start deploying the new GPU apps.

I will start with the AMD OpenCL version for Linux. This will be a beta version. I have had a hell of a time with the AMD implementation of openCL, and this app still doesn't work on my Fedora system, and I believe strongly it's due to the graphics driver. But I have had the help of a volunteer named Wiktor and it runs fine for him (I believe he runs Ubuntu). Please keep in mind that AMD officially only supports RHEL and Ubuntu, so I will be interested to hear if this app works for anyone with an "unsupported" linux distro like myself.

I also have openCL Windows apps that were cross compiled using mingW. I have no means of testing these, so I am not ready to deploy them just yet. But if anyone would like to take them for a spin offline, please let me know, and I can send them to you.

2019-05-04: Subfield 5 entering final phase

Subfield 5 is now on it's final batch (16x12).

This is the first batch of WUs generated since the app was optimized. As a result, run times will be going up. These WUs average 2 hour run times on my AMD Ryzen 2990WX. Note there are 1.6 million of them; with the unoptimized app it would have required 16 million, so this is a huge improvement.

I will be mixing in some subfield 6 WUs with this batch. These were generated a while ago for the unoptimized app, so will run very quickly by comparison. If I were to run them independently, it might put too much of a strain on the server, so I figured this is a good way to get them done (without having to re-generate them which can be tedious).

2019-04-05: GPU app status update

So there have been some new developments over the last week. It's both good and bad.

First of all, some history. The reason I waited so long to develop a GPU app is because the calculation was heavily dependent on multi-precision libraries (gmp) and number theoretic libraries (pari/gp). Both of these use dynamically allocated memory which is a big no-no in GPUs. I found a multi-precision library online that I could use by hard coding the precision to the maximum required (about 750 bits), thereby removing the dependence on memory allocations. The next piece of the puzzle was to code up a polynomial discriminant function. After doing this, I could finally compile a kernel for the GPU. That is the history for the current GPU app. It is about 20 to 30 times faster than the current cpu version (depends on WU and cpu/gpu speeds).

But then I got thinking... my GPU polynomial discriminant algorithm is different from the one in the PARI library (theirs works for any degree and mine is specialized to degree 10). So to do a true apples-to-apples comparison, I replaced the PARI algorithm with mine in the cpu version of the code. I was shocked by what I found... the cpu version was now about 10x faster than it used to be. I never thought I was capable of writing an algorithm that would be 10x faster than a well established library function. WTF? Now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not having done this sooner!

This brings mixed emotions. On one side, it is great that I now have a cpu version that is 10x faster. But it also means that my GPU code is total crap. With all the horsepower in a present day GPU I would expect it to be at least 10x faster than the equivalent cpu version. Compared with the new cpu version, the gpu is only 2 to 3 times faster. That is unacceptable.

So the new plan is as follows:
1. Deploy new cpu executables. Since it's 10x faster, I will need to drop the credit by a factor of 10. (Credits/hour will remain the same for the cpu but will obviously drop for the GPU)
2. Develop new and improved GPU kernels.

I don't blame the GPU users for jumping ship at this point. Frankly, the inefficiency of the current GPU app just makes it not worth it (for them or the project).

For what it's worth, I did have openCL versions built. Nvidia version works perfectly. The AMD version is buggy for some reason, as is the windows version. Since I will be changing the kernels anyways, there is no point in debugging them yet.

2019-03-22: GPU app - beta version for linux nvidia

After all these years, we finally have our first GPU app. It's only a beta version for 64bit linux with Nvidia GPUs. Support for other platforms and GPUs will be coming soon.

If you'd like to help test this app, you will need to check the "run test applications" box on the project preferences page. I generated a special batch of work for this app from some older WUs that I have truth for. This will help to find any potential bugs that are still there.

A few potential issues:
1. This was built with the Cuda SDK version 10.1, so it uses a relatively new Nvidia driver version and only supports compute capability 3.0 and up. If this affects too many users out there, I will need to rebuild with on older SDK.
2. I was not able to build a fully static executable, but I did statically link the ones most likely to be a problem (i.e. pari, gmp, std c++)

Please report any problems. I am still relatively new to the whole GPU app process, so I am sure there will be issues of some kind.

Also, feel free to leave comments regarding what platform, GPU, etc I should concentrate on next. I was thinking I would attack linux OpenCL (i.e. ATI/AMD) next as that should be a quick port of what I did with Nvidia. I think the windows port will take much longer, since I normally use mingw to cross-compile but I don't think that's compatible with the nvidia compiler.

2019-03-12: Septic Results Paper Accepted for Publication

I mentioned a while back that we submitted the results of the septic search for publication. I am now happy to report that the paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Number Theory.

I will continue to post additional details as they become available.

Thank you to all our volunteers for making this possible!

2019-01-17: Server acting up

You may have noticed, connection to the server has been intermittent over the last day or so. That's because it has been rebooting itself randomly.

System logs pointed to either a bad port (or MoBo), bad SATA cable, or bad SSD. We think we narrowed it down to a bad Mother Board. We swapped the SSD into a new server and it appears to be working again, but we are watching it closely.

2019-01-12: User consent required for stats export

If you want your stats exported, you will need to check the consent box on the project preferences page.

In a couple days, the stats export mechanism will be changed, and if this consent is not given, then the default will be to NOT export your stats.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this was necessary due to the recent GDPR regulations.

2019-01-08: Server upgrade

I just upgraded the project server, including the web code. Things appear to be working properly, but please report anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!

2019-01-01: 2018 year in review

Here are the main achievements for 2018:
1. We created a new app to find all septic (degree 7) fields with discriminant less than 200E6. This search took about 6 months to complete and extended the previous best discriminant bound by a factor of 40. Many new degree 7 fields were found and added to the database. We are currently in the process of having the results published.
2. The decic app completed the largest search to date over Q(?-2), dataset 13x271. The decic app also completed a bunch of smaller searches over the lower discriminant bounds for Q(?-5).
3. We made some progress on a GPU app. We now have a multi-precision library (thanks Dan!) and I have started looking into how to port some of the pari functions. This is not a trivial problem and still expect it to take at least several more months.

Happy New Year everyone!

2018-12-08: New record for the decic app

The decic app has completed its biggest search yet, the one over Q(?-2), dataset 13x271. This batch had almost 5 million WUs. Total run time summed over all hosts was 2890 years. It unearthed a total of 148 unique fields. Good job everyone!

2018-09-09: Septic App Complete

The septic app is now officially complete. The final tally of results are as follows:
Inspected 38136713961009 polynomials.
# Polys passing field disc test = 36163948.
# Polys after refinement = 1009140.
Elapsed Time (summed over all clients) = 3.31043e+07 hours

The key piece of information here is that there are 1,009,140 septic fields with discriminant less than 200E6. We have these fields available as a text file to anyone who might be interested. They will also be added to the numberfields database:

We plan on submitting these results (with a more detailed discussion) in the form of a journal article. I will report back here with details of that as I get more information.

2018-08-23: Vacation

I will be on vacation for 2 weeks, and my internet access will be spotty. So I apologize in advance for any delays in responding to the boards.

I generated enough work to last for the next two weeks, so hopefully I wont need to do any remote logins.

Thanks all!

2018-03-24: New application coming soon

In the coming days we will be introducing a new number field application. This one will target degree 7 fields (called septics). The current best bound is 5E6, and this app will increase that to 200E6. This means it will find all degree 7 fields whose discriminant is bounded by 200E6.

Here is some additional information:
1. This search is expected to run for only 5 to 6 months (but could take longer).
2. It will run side-by-side with the current decic app.
3. It will only support the 64bit Windows and 64 bit Linux platforms.

2018-01-30: Server Maintenance This Friday.

We will be taking the server down for several hours on Friday, Feb 2nd, starting around 9am (AZ time).

This is to replace the failing hard drive in our RAID.

2018-01-13: 2017 year in review

Although the list does not look impressive, much was accomplished in 2017. The sub-searches that were completed were some of the longest so far. In summary:
1. The search over Q(sqrt(2)) (subfield 3 of 7) completed several more tiers of the search. There are about 9 tiers left to go.
2. The search over Q(sqrt(-2)) (subfield 4 of 7) filled in a bunch more rows. This one has 7 tiers left to go.

Here are the goals for the new year:
1. Develop a GPU app. I have enlisted the help of a fellow user for this. This is a lofty goal and it could be many months before the GPU app is available. This app will be critical in completing the search over Q(sqrt(2)).
2. Complete the search over Q(sqrt(-2)).
3. Start the search over Q(sqrt(-5)) (subfield 5 of 7).

2018-01-05: Database crash

We had a database crash. We are working hard to get it fixed.

2017-12-30: Minor server overload problems

Over the last couple days we have been having some overload problems on the server. To help reduce the server load I temporarily disabled the batch_status and server_status cron jobs. I will be manually generating those about once a day. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also reduced the "max_wus_in_progress" from 24 to 6, so you may see fewer WUs in your job queues.

For those who are interested in the cause of the overload, it was a combination of things:
1. One of the drives in our RAID is failing, causing HD performance issues. We are working to get this fixed.
2. There were 10k+ WUs that all timed out at about the same time. The server then proceeds to generate new results for all these, causing a backlog. This is the reason for reducing max_wus_in_progress.
3. The transitioner had a DB timout which caused it to crash, increasing the backlog further.
4. Not understanding why WUs were not transitioning, I stupidly ran the "transition_all" admin script since it said this would "unstick" jobs. Big mistake - this script changed the transition time of all 600k WUs in the DB, forcing the transitioner to now reprocess every WU. That only made the backlog worse.

The good news is the server is almost caught up with the backlog. I will keep you posted.

2017-03-04: New subfield search

As you may have noticed, the search over ?(?2) (subfield 3) has started to slow down and waiting for results is like watching paint dry. At the current rate it will probably take over 10 years to finish that search. In the interest of making progress, I have decided to start the search over subfield ?(?-2). This is the 4th of 7 subfields for the set {2,5}. We will continue to process subfield 3 in parallel, but at least we will be able to maintain progress on other subfields for the overall goal of this project.

The hope is that I can find time this year to develop a GPU app that will help to speed up the search. Of course I've been saying this for years...

2017-01-14: 2016 year in review

I meant to send this just before the new year, but the boards were down. Better late than never...

Last year was a productive year for NumberFields@home. To summarize our accomplishments:
1. Last May the bounded app completed its multi-year search. It found all imprimitive degree 10 fields with absolute discriminant less than or equal to 1.2E11.
2. Then in July a special search miraculously found the hypothesized field it had been searching for. This search had been running off and on for about 10 months. This field was an A5 extension of Q(?421), ramified only at 2. You can read more about it on this post:
3. The regular decics app spent the majority of the year on the final tier of "Data Set 11" (those WUs with DS-11x271 in the name). You may have noticed on the batch status page that this subsearch is just about done - a really big milestone. The search will continue with the higher tiers over Q(?2).

Thank you to all our volunteers who made 2016 such a successful year!

2017-01-10: Upgrade to latest BOINC server

You may have noticed the forums have been down for almost a month now.

This was mainly caused by an upgrade to PHP7. After trying everything else, we finally decided to upgrade the BOINC web code.

2015-09-20: Subfield 30 of 49 Complete

With 99.99% of the WUs finished, subfield 30 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 31, the one with discriminant 61. Thanks for all your contributions!

2015-08-31: Subfield 29 of 49 Complete

With 99.99% of the WUs finished, subfield 29 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 30, the one with discriminant 65. Thanks for all your contributions!

2015-07-24: Subfield 28 of 49 Complete

With 99.9% of the WUs finished, subfield 28 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 29, the one with discriminant 69. Thanks!

2015-07-05: Abort WUs if using old apps

I would suggest aborting any WUs that are still using the old app versions. There's a small bug in the older versions that can cause some WUs to get "stuck" after restarting from a check-point. This was only affecting the windows version. The newer apps have been out for over a week, but some users have a large work queue, and may not have picked up the newer versions.

Here are the latest app versions:
GD: 2.07
GBD: 3.05

2015-06-29: Upgraded Apps

Both the GD and GBD apps have been upgraded to the latest stable PARI version.

2015-06-22: Attention Mac Users

For all Mac users: the NumberFields@home apps require Mac OS X version 12.0.0 or higher (Mountain Lion).

For more information, see this thread:

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

2015-06-08: New GD apps

I upgraded the GetDecics apps several hours ago in preparation for a slight change to the WU data format. Your client should automatically pick up the change.

Even after extensive testing, it appears that the 32 bit windows app is failing for some users. The "32 bit" app is working on my 64 bit windows machine, so I suspect it's not a true 32 bit app. I am currently looking into this.

2015-05-31: 64 bit windows apps now available

I just added 64 bit windows versions of the apps; your clients should eventually pick up the change if they haven't already. I've been testing them for the last couple days on my machine, so they should be good, but I'll keep an eye on them just to be safe.

These versions provide some speed improvement over their 32 bit counterparts, especially with the longer running WUs (those over ~1 hour). In some of the longer cases, the 64 bit version is almost twice as fast.

2015-05-29: A new search is underway.

You may have noticed some new types of WUs for the decic search. We are taking a temporary detour to search for a special type of field. This search is exploratory in nature, and not a complete search (which would take way too long). Once this special field is found we will return to the search over {2,5}.

The new search is for a particular A5 extension of Q(?421), ramified only at 2. Its existence is known from general theory applied to the 2-torsion points of the Jacobian of a special abelian surface. Due to its geometric origins, it has very limited ramification. On the other hand, it has non-solvable Galois group. This combination is difficult to find, and would provide a good example illustrating the general theory. Having the field explicitly would allow further computations to be done, such as computing the root discriminant of the Galois closure of the field, and computing Frobenius elements for many large primes.

2015-05-20: Subfield 27 of 49 complete

With 99.9% of the WUs finished, subfield 27 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 28, the one with discriminant 73. Thanks!

2015-02-22: Subfield 26 of 49 complete

With only a handful of WUs left, we can consider subfield 26 complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 27, the one with discriminant 76. Thanks!

2014-10-25: Subfield 25 of 49 complete.

I just realized I forgot to officially report the completion of subfield 25; it finished about 2 weeks ago.

We are currently crunching on subfields 26 and 27. Note that we started subfield 26 first because the WU generator had those ready first and the bounded app was desperate for new work.

Thanks everyone!

2014-09-29: Modification to bounded app

With the latest subfield (#25) nearing completion, the algorithm moves into a new phase, where it is more efficient to not target the field discriminant. This required no change to the app, but due to WU timing issues, a small change was made to the WU generator (it is now breaking data up into finer pieces). This required a small change to the app interface. I also upgraded to the latest versions of the boinc and pari libraries. Some modifications were also made to the checkpointing and progress meter (finer resolution).

Why am I telling you all this? Because you will be getting a "new" bounded app. It has been thoroughly tested over the last several weeks, but please report anything out of the ordinary. Thanks!

2014-09-13: Subfield 24 of 49 complete.

With only a couple hundred WUs left, we can consider subfield 24 complete. That puts us at about the halfway point through the entire search (total of 49 subfields).

The bounded search has moved on to subfield 25, the one with discriminant 85. Thanks!

2014-08-20: Subfield 23 of 49 complete.

Subfield 23 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 24, the one with discriminant 88. Thanks!

2014-08-09: Subfield 22 complete.

Subfield 22 of 49 was completed last week (sorry for the delay in posting). The bounded search has moved on to subfield 23, the one with discriminant 89. Thanks all!

2014-05-31: Subfield 21 of 49 complete.

Subfield 21 is essentially complete. The bounded search has moved on to subfield 22, the one with discriminant 92. Thanks!

2014-01-12: Subfield #18 complete

Subfield 18 is now essentially complete. This case took less than 2 weeks to complete, a new record. The bounded app has now moved on to subfield 19 of 49, the one with discriminant 101. Thanks to all!

2013-12-30: Subfield #17 complete

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, another subfield is about to be completed. We are now moving on to subfield 18, the one with discriminant 104. Thanks again to all our crunchers!

2013-11-27: Subfield 16 of 49 complete

With only a handful of WUs left, we can consider subfield 16 complete. The bounded search has already started on subfield 17, the one with discriminant 105. Thanks for all your contributions!

2013-11-10: Subfield #15 complete

With only a handful of WUs left, we can consider subfield 15 complete. The bounded search is well on its way into subfield 16 of 49, the one with discriminant 109. Thanks for all your contributions!

2013-11-05: Number Fields@Home at SpaceVision Conference

Come join Eric and me for a panel discussion on supercomputing at SpaceVision 2013 on Friday Nov. 8th. We are looking forward to meeting with folks from SETI@home, MilkyWay@home and Asteroids@home to discuss distributed computing. This is your opportunity to meet with representatives of Number Fields@home and other Boinc projects.

2013-10-14: Subfield #14 Complete

With only a handful of WUs left, I will declare subfield 14 complete. The bounded search has progressed to subfield 15 of 49, the one with discriminant 113. Thank you!

2013-09-28: Search Status

The message boards have been quiet for some time now, so I thought I should give a quick status report. The 2nd search over Q(sqrt(5)) is about to enter the final stage. Since run times go up geometrically with discriminant, this final stage will take some time (~6 months). At the same time we will be picking off some of the low hanging fruit for the next search over Q(sqrt(2)), which will allow us to compute timing info for the later stages of that search.
Thank you for all your contributions!

2013-08-20: Subfield #13 Complete

The bounded app has now completed subfield 13 of 49, and has started on the next subfield, the one with discriminant 120. Thank you!

2013-08-14: Results of first decic search posted.

For the first time in history, I present to you the quintic extensions of Q(i) ramified over the set {2,5}. You can be one of the first people to ever lay eyes on these little beauties, all 566 of them. Here is your link:
(You want the 2nd table, 8th row. Links to the field data are on the right)

2013-08-07: First decic search complete

With only a handful of WUs left to go, we are declaring victory on the first search. This is a major achievement! In a nutshell, this search has obtained all degree 5 extensions of Q(i) (the Gaussian rationals) which are ramified at 2 and/or 5. The final tabulated results will be posted within the next couple of weeks. Thank you!

2013-08-02: Thank you to all challenge participants!

This was a very successful challenge. A large chunk of the decic search was completed. In particular, the search over Q(i) was essentially finished, and inroads were made into the next 2 subfields. Thanks again for all your contributions!

2013-07-25: Welcome Challenge Participants!

The team at NumberFields@Home would like to thank everyone participating in the latest challenge, and extend an extra special thanks to SETI.USA for organizing the event. With the first subfield nearing completion, the search over the 2nd and 3rd subfields has been opened up. Go get 'em!

2013-07-07: Subfield #12 complete

The bounded app has now completed subfield 12 of 49, and has started on the next subfield, the one with discriminant 124. Great job everyone!

2013-06-30: New Project Description Page

A more complete project description page was added. There is a link from the main page (2nd paragraph of main text), included here for convenience:
Project Description

2013-06-23: Only 25% left to go...

...on the final tier of the decic search over Q(i). Good job all!

2013-06-09: Welcome Challenge Participants!

The team at NumberFields@Home would like to thank everyone participating in the challenge and extend an extra special thanks to SETI.USA for organizing the event. We look forward to the additional science we will collectively complete this week.

Thank you!

2013-06-08: For users who have been away for a while...

It was brought to my attention that some returning users were unable to connect to the project, probably because they are still using the old url.

So if you haven't visited in over a month, you may be unaware that we upgraded the project servers and have a different url now. If you are having problems connecting, then try reattaching to the project.


2013-05-26: Problem with login page

It was brought to my attention that the login page was broken. I hadn't noticed since I was already logged in. If anyone has had problems logging in, it should work for you now. If you were already logged in like me and unaware of the issue, then you can ignore this message.

2013-05-12: Subfield #11 complete

The bounded app has now completed subfield 11 of 49, and has started on the next subfield, the one with discriminant 129. Great job everyone!

2013-05-09: Halfway there...

The final part of the decic search over Q(i) has now surpassed the halfway point. Good job all!

2013-05-01: Server Outage on Friday May 3rd

We will be taking the project server down this Friday to perform the previously mentioned upgrade. We plan to take it down at approx 11am and hope to be back up by 3pm (AZ time). During this time, all project functionality will be disabled, including the main website and the forums.

2013-04-21: Server Upgrade

We will be upgrading the server hardware in the next 2 to 3 weeks. This should be a smooth transition; however, any user still using the old url ( needs to change this to the new alias ( This can easily be done by removing/adding the project. The alias is in place now, so this can be done anytime before the upgrade. Thanks!

2013-04-07: Decic search over Q(i) is making good progress.

The final level of the decic search over Q(i) has surpassed the 1/3 point. As mentioned previously, this is an extremely large search, so this is a worthy achievement. Only 2 more thirds to go. Congrats everyone!

2013-03-16: Subfield #10 is now complete

Congratulations everyone! The bounded app has now crunched through subfield 10 of 49. We are moving on to subfield 11, the one with discriminant 133.

2013-01-27: Another milestone reached

Good job everyone! Another level of the decic search over Q(i) has completed. We now move to the final leg of the search over Q(i). The final batch of WUs is targetting those fields with discriminant (2^29)*(5^18). This will be the biggest and baddest search so far, with a whopping 819200 WUs.

2013-01-13: Thank you!

I just wanted to thank all those who participated in the IBM challenge from a week ago, and also thank team IBM for initiating the challenge. We appreciate the exta TFlops and hope you all decide to stick around.

2013-01-09: Subfield #9 is now complete.

The bounded app has now crunched through subfield 9 of 49. It has moved on to subfield 10, the one with discriminant 136. Only 40 more subfields to go!

2012-11-16: Another milestone reached.

The bounded decics app has now completed subfield 8 of 49. The search has now progressed into subfield 9, the one having discriminant 137. Thanks everyone!

2012-10-20: SPAM Attacks

We started getting an abundance of spam on the message boards this week. We have now configured the boards so that you need to have at least 100 RAC and Total Credit in order to post. This should have little effect on the legitimate users.

2012-09-16: Another milestone reached

Another level of the search has been completed. We are now 1 step closer to finishing the Decics search over Q(i). The next batch of WUs is targetting those fields with discriminant (2^29)*(5^17). After that, we hit the (2^29)*(5^18) discriminants, which is the pinacle of the search over Q(i).

In addition to Q(i) there are 6 other subfields we need to do. I am starting to sprinkle some of those WUs in with the Q(i) work. These other subfields are expected to be much smaller searches, so the idea here is to pick off some of the easier targets while waiting for Q(i) to finish.

2012-08-06: Planned Power Outage

They are making some electrical upgrades to the building housing our server. So there will be a power outage tonight, Aug 6th, starting around 5 pm (AZ time). Power should be restored by the next morning.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

2012-07-27: Another subfield completed!

The bounded decics app has now completed subfield 7 of 49. Thanks for all your hard work!

2012-07-14: Another milestone reached

The Decics search over Q(i) has now progressed to the highest discriminant level. It is now targetting those fields with discriminant having 2^29 as a factor. This final portion of the search will be the most challenging yet.

We couldn't have reached this milestone without our volunteers. Thanks to all of you!

And for those who are interested, the intermediate results have been uploaded. The link is on the main page.

2012-07-11: Planned Power Outage

There was a planned power outage last night in the building housing our server in order to upgrade the network. This happened before I could post a news item, so I apologize for that.

There will be another planned outage tonight starting at 5pm AZ time. The server should be back up by Thursday morning. I am told all upgrades should be complete at that time.

2012-06-17: Badges are here

As the changes are still relatively new, let me know if there are any problems.

2012-06-12: Power Outage

The building housing our server suffered a power outage last night (the first in over a year). Everything is back to normal now.

2012-06-01: Badges coming soon

We have decided to implement a badge system similar to other projects. I estimate it will take a couple weeks before it's fully working. It will be based on total credits, so it will include all credits earned since project inception.

2012-05-26: To all Mac Users:

The Mac version is finally available! But think of this as a beta version. My wife just got a new Mac for work (the first Mac in this household), so I finally had access to a Mac on which to build the executables. It runs great for me, but I am not a Mac person, so I just hope it works for others (my biggest fear is the dependency on dynamic libs). It was built on the latest Mac OS X Lion (64bit).

2012-05-05: Problem with client version 7.0.24 on ubuntu.

Word on the street is that this is happening on multiple projects, not just NumberFields. According to this link, version 7.0.26 may resolve the issue.

2012-04-30: New milestone reached

The Decics search has now progressed to the next discriminant level. It is now targetting those fields with discriminant having 2^28 as a factor.

2012-04-16: To all Linux users:

...the 32bit apps are finally available!

2012-03-09: Extra Credit for GetDecics

In case you hadn't noticed, the latest batch of GetDecic WUs have much longer run times than usual (2 days on a fast host). Because of this, some users turned off this app in their preferences, in favor of the much faster GetBoundedDecics.

In the short term, we are more interested in the GetDecics results. So as an extra incentive to get users to run the GetDecics app, we are granting 50% more credits to all successful GetDecics results. This will be for a short time, until the current batch (14x121) is complete. For those who don't know how to select the app, goto your account and click "NumberFields@home preferences"; the rest should be easy.

2012-03-07: Subfield 6 out of 49 is now complete

To recap, we have finished the subfields with discriminant 161, 157, 156, 152, 149, and 145. The next search is over the subfield with discriminant 141. Thanks for all your contributions!

2012-02-22: Link to Batch Status

A link for "Batch Status" was added to the main page (just under server status). I still need to add some more information to the table, but at least it should give you an idea of progress on the current data set.

2012-02-02: The 5th subfield is now finished.

Once again, thank you to all our volunteers. We couldn't do this without you guys. I should also mention that the 2nd application has reached a new milestone, and has progressed to the next level of that search. For those who are interested, a list of the newest fields can be found via the link on the main page (the new fields are under the heading "decics with a quadratic subfield", near the bottom).

2012-01-19: 4th subfield out of 49 is now complete.

Actually there are a handful of work units that are slowly trickling in, but it's close enough to declare victory. The 5th subfield is close behind, about 80% complete. Thank you to all of our volunteers!

2011-12-14: The search over the 3rd real subfield is now complete.

A big thank you to all volunteers! Only 46 more subfields to go.

2011-12-01: The search over quadratic subfield with disc 157 is now finished.

The search has now completed 2 of the 49 real base fields. Good job everyone!

2011-11-22: New application added to the project

The goal of this new application is to find all the imprimitive fields unramified outside of a given set of primes. We start with the set {2,5}.

During testing I noticed that this app had more consistent run times, around 20 hours per WU on my 2.6 GHz core i7. You will also notice quick jumps in the progress meter followed by slow periods. This is normal behavior.

2011-11-19: First of the real subfields is now complete

Only 48 more to go. Good job everyone!

2011-10-25: Server upgraded to the latest boinc core release

In addition, the linux app was rebuilt using the same library version. In the next couple days, I should also have the windows app upgraded.

2011-10-17: Last of the complex subfields almost complete -- Good job everyone!

The search will now focus on the real subfields. For our chosen bound, there are 49 such subfields. The search starts with the one having discriminant 161.

2011-09-04: New and Improved executable now available.

I fixed a rare bug that was causing about 1 out of every 1000 WUs to crash. Not a big deal, unless you were one of the unlucky ones to get such a WU.
The app also checkpoints more often now and gives finer resolution with the progress meter.

2011-08-24: Private messaging now operational

At least I was able to send messages to myself. Give it a try and let me know if there are any problems.

2011-08-22: Progress meter fixed

This should also improve the estimate for the time remaining.

2011-08-22: Link to server status added

Link was added under the community heading on the main page.

2011-08-20: Thank you to all the new participants.

I was surprised to come home from vacation and see so many new participants. I only told a handful of people, but apparently the word got around. But this is good! Several issues have surfaced, but nothing too serious. Just a few general comments:
1. There can be large variations in run times between different work units. Each work unit represents a single instance of an outer loop variable, and it is hard to determine a priori how long the inner code will take for a given value of this variable. I have seen run times as long as 12 hours.
2. The windows version reports memory leakage whenever the executable is stopped. I believe this message is wrong, but it is annoying and I will try to find the cause of it.
3. The progress bar is not being implemented correctly. This causes the progress to appear stuck at 0% for the entire duration of the workunit.

2011-08-12: Only Linux and Windows currently supported

In addition, only the 64bit Linux version is available. If you are a 32 bit linux user or a mac user, please check back later. We plan to support those platforms in the near future.

2011-08-08: Banner

Thanks to Wendi for the banner and icon contribution.

2011-08-08: NumberFields@home still under construction

We are still working out a few issues with the client app and hope to have the project fully operational in the next couple of weeks.