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2020-07-13: Uploading problem fixed

Problem with uploading results to the server is fixed.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2020-07-08: Server outage resolved

I am sorry for server outages which was happening recently. There were several factors which often caused lack of free space and some services crashed and I had to do an emergency shutdown on Saturday in order to fix everything so I couldn't inform you about it except for Twitter. There is still a hardware problem with one of servers which I have to fix but the server is not being used now so project should be stable now.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2020-04-25: New CUDA102 application was released

Today we released a new CUDA102 application v102.14 for both Windows & Linux.
A bug was fixed where application causes 100% utilisation of whole CPU core (thread in hyperthreaded CPUs)

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2020-03-23: New CUDA application for Windows x64 Release

We are proud to present you the new CUDA application that was released by our team yesterday.

What's improved?
- We've Added support for latest Compute Capabilities (CC). Application was built with latest CUDA SDK v10.2 adding support for latest NVIDIA devices with Compute Capabilities (CC). This build supports CC 3.0, 3.5, 3.7, 5.0, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, & 7.5 from Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, Volta & Turing architectures and their GeForce, Quadro, NVS and Tesla series, but does NOT supports Tegra and Jetson SoC Series devices (CC 3.2, 5.3, 6.2 & 7.2) which are not subject of interest for this project.
- Fixed issue with special Light curves which has more than 1000 points.

There is no x86 (32bit) version. CUDA 10.2 supports x64 (64bits) operating systems only.

Side effects that could be observed because of the update.
If your client shows unusual "Remaining time" for the tasks you can follow these steps:
1) Set "No new tasks" from "Project" tab for "Asteroids@Home" project.
2) Then you need to finish your recently downloaded tasks.
3) When all are done and reported to the server please reset the project with 'Reset project' button at Project tab.

We also suggest to use the latest stable version 7.14.0 of BOINC client.

And last but not least we strongly suggest users, who has CUDA enabled devices to upgrade their drivers to the latest one. For today it is 442.74 - WHQL. You will find it here:
For legacy drivers you will find drivers here:

Despite new CUDA application is release we will continue to support older devices with older drivers by the previous CUDA55 application.

I would also like to thank Georgi Vidinski who made this release possible.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2019-09-24: New models reconstructed from Gaia and Lowell photometry

We published hundreds of new asteroid models. The paper is available at arXiv and should soon appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics journal. Thanks a lot for your contribution and patience!

2018-10-05: Server maintenance on 07.10.2018

There is going to be a server maintenance on 07.10.2018. Servers will go offline at 15:00 UTC for about 15 hours.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2018-07-10: New models published

A paper with new results has been accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The preprint is available at arXiv. The models will be available in DAMIT soon. Thanks for your contribution!

2018-07-09: BOINC compoments shut down for two days

Hi, I am sorry for the current situation with a disk space. There is again no free space available on server so I had to shut down BOINC compoments and results are moving to a temporary storage. I will start BOINC compoments in two days (11.07.2018). If possible I will start it tomorrow depending on the file transfer status (I'll inform you on twitter when BOINC is fully running again).
We are also waiting for a new storage server which will solve the repeating disk space problem so I hope it will be very soon.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2017-12-06: Server maintenance on 08.12.2017

There is going to be a maintenance on 08.12.2017. Servers will be off for several hours. It will start at about 10:00 UTC.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2017-08-22: There is going to be a big maintenance starting on 11.09.2017

There is going to be a big maintenance on 11.09.2017. It will take nearly 5 - 7 days. Servers won't be processing any work during maintanenace and most of the time might be offline.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2017-04-09: Project server is temporarily down

Project server has unfortunately run out of space again very quickly but it will be running within about 8 hours. I am now moving results to another temporarily server.

Ok, I have to correct the deadline. There was some problem with speed during transfer so I had to run it over today. New deadline is till tomorrow. I am sorry about it but I have been monitoring it.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2017-03-10: Server is running again

Server unfortunately run out of free space. It has been dealt with it and now it is running again.
I am sorry for very late response, I'll inform you as soon as possible next time.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2016-10-10: Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added

A new application version with nvidia 1070/1080 support has been released.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2016-05-25: Server issues

Servers are again experiencing with free space issues. We need to move more data out so there will be no new work for one or two weeks and BOINC compoments will be disabled. Uploading results should work as the space will be freeing up. If there is enough space I will activate other BOINC compoments so that results could be validated.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2016-02-18: Server and network maintenance

There is going to be a bigger maintenance of server and network on 20.02.2016. It should start at 10:00 UTC and it will take propably 48 hours.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2016-02-03: New models published in Astronomy & Astrophysics

A paper Asteroid models from the Lowell Photometric Database describing the results obtained by A@H has been accepted for publication and is now in press in Astronomy and Astrophysics. There is a link to the public version of the paper at the Scientific Results page. All published models are also available through DAMIT. We thank all volunteers, these results are based on your contribution!

2015-11-09: Article in Astronomy and Computing

There is a new article Asteroids@home ? A BOINC distributed computing project for asteroid shape reconstruction in Astronomy and Computing. You can see the article here, and here is in the archive.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-09-07: Progress Report #01 (September 2015)

We have published Progress Report #01 (September 2015) which summarizes what we have done since start the project.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-05-11: Server maintenance

There is going to be a bigger maintenance on 12.05.2015. It should start at 06:00 UTC and it will take propably 24 hours. New workunits will be added after the maintenance.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-05-09: New models on scientific results page

There are new models available on scientific results page. There are currently no users at the new models but they will be added soon.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-03-11: Attaching problem issues solved

Attaching project should be solved now.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-03-09: New workunits

New workunits are going to be added on wednesday or thursday. Thank you for you patience.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)

2015-02-17: Android 5 support

Application for Android doesn't work on Android 5 at the present but we are working on a new version for Android 5 with HTC support.

Radim Van?o (FoxKyong)