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2018-12-21: Server stop for maintenance (2018-12-27, 9:30 CEST)

The next 27th December the server will be down for some planned maintenance tasks, starting at around 9:30 CEST (GMT+1). The most important will be upgrading the o.s. to the latest stable release. Hopefully, the server will be back online the afternoon of the same day.

2018-11-23: Planned maintenance

We will shut down the server the next Monday (November 26) at 12:00 CEST (GMT+1) for some planned maintenance work. The stop should last less than on hour.

2018-10-24: Publication about Vitis vinifera

A new scientific paper on Vitis vinifera has been published. Details here:

2018-05-11: New organism

The experiments on Vitis vinifera are almost finished, thank you all. We will soon switch to a new organism. We made some tests some time ago but we found that the outputs of the Windows and Linux applications didn't match each other. The new forthcoming Windows applications should behave correctly.
The next Monday we will distribute them and (slowly) start creating new work.

2018-04-20: Server down this weekend

Our storage system (managed by the University) has some serious problem. They are working to fix it but they cannot estimate for how long it will be down. We decided to stop the server at least until the next Monday.
Thank you for your understanding.

2017-12-05: New application (v 1.10)

A new application version will be distributed soon, starting with the Linux platforms. The new application contains some major speed enhancements and bug fixes. Look at the following thread for further info

2017-10-18: Another experiment on E. coli

We are ready to start another experiment on Escherichia coli, using the same expression dataset of the previous one but changing one of the algorithm's parameters.
Execution times should slightly faster than the last one on Vitis vinifera.

2017-06-29: Vitis vinifera: new dataset

We are starting to distribute another experiment (single gene expansion) with a new Vitis vinifera dataset. This dataset contains the same number of genes but a much larger expression data; running times are therefore expected to be much longer (around twice).

2017-03-14: Restarting

We rebuilt some parts of the whole system and are almost ready to go full speed. Please look at the following thread

2017-03-02: No new work

I decided to stop the work generator until we solve our storage problems and have the new application (small output files). Most of our systems are now busy just moving things from here to there, this also implies a lot of (boring) micromanagement.
Hope you all understand.

2017-02-06: New application (v 0.11)

In the next few hours the new v1.1 optimized applications made by Daniel will be promoted as the official ones (version 0.11). This version is faster than the previous one. If you are using the anonymous platform and want to safely 'come back' remember to: wait until the workunits queue is empty, stop boinc, delete app_info.xml, start boinc.

2017-01-13: New application (v 0.10)

We are deploying the new version of the application (v 0.10), for all the platforms, including sse2, avx and fma. The new application is way faster than the previous one, thanks to the user Daniel who made it. See this thread ( for further info.

2017-01-05: Workunits length

I've recently doubled the size of the workunits. Credits should scale up accordingly.

2016-12-21: SSL Certificate

In the next days I will install a SSL certificate, thus allowing secure communications via the https protocol. You may notice it when your boinc client will start complaining about it, saying something like "This project is using an old URL. When convenient...". You may simply ignore this message or detach from the project and re-attach using the new https url (it will be the usual one, just with https:// at the beginning).
Please do this when your queue is empty.

2016-12-02: First international challenge on TN-Grid

The BOINC.Italy Team has opened the first international challenge on this project.
Title: "Despite my age I don't live in the past, but in the future" 4th Rita Levi-Montalcini memorial and 30 years from Nobel Prize.
Start 10 Dec 16.00 UTC - End 16 Dec 16.00 UTC
Check for more info.

2016-11-29: Badges

Credit badges are now available, please check the following thread

2016-11-10: Upgrading the server

Today, in about 1 hour from now we will shutdown the server for an upgrade (ram, cpu and storage). It shouldn't take a long time, maybe one hour or less. [edit] Everything went well.

2016-10-11: tn-grid: Public invitation code

The (new) invitation code is now public, written on the home page.

2016-10-11: Public invitation code

The (new) invitation code is now public, written on the home page.

2015-12-24: gene@home: Vitis Vinifera experiments

We just started a new 'experiment' on a Vitis Vinifera (grapevine) dataset. Your client will automatically download a ~100Mb files which contains the necessary dataset (shared among all the Vv workunits). We will distribute just a few batches, at the beginning, just to see if everything works as expected.

For further (scientific) information please look at the following thread:

2015-06-10: gene@home: Scientific Results (June 2015)

We are very happy to share the scientific results achieved so far, thanks to the help of all you volunteers. Please look at this thread.

2015-03-07: gene@home: status

We are almost done with our current batch (E. Coli local gene network expansion for 10 networks). We will first analyze the results (this will take some time), then we will be able to choose the best, smaller set of algorithm parameters and use it for the other 100 networks we plan to expand, thus optimizing the computation. In the meantime we will start another experiment on Arabidopsis Thaliana but, before starting it, we need to wait until all the work on E. coli has been generated. This will be done manually, hopefully the next Monday.
For this reason there could be a shortage of workunits in this weekend.

2015-02-25: gene@home: Server down next Friday, February 27th

Dear users,
due to maintenance work in the datacenter, we need to temporarily switch off the server. The machine will not be accessible next Friday, February 27th, starting from 9am (CEST). We don't now how long will it take to bring the server up, hopefully just a few hours. Thank you all for your understanding.

2014-12-22: gene@home: Holidays are approaching

The winter holiday break will shortly begin, it will be from the 24th December to the 6th of January. During this time the server will (hopefully) be up and there will be plenty of jobs. However, in case of any problems it will be very difficult for us to fix them (a lot of people will be on vacation and also my office will be closed). Season's greetings (and a big thank) to everyone!

2014-12-09: gene@home: Server down the 14th December

There will be some server downtime the next 14th December (Sunday). The data-center hosting the server will be moved (physically) to another building. We don't know exact timing nor for how long the server will be down.

2014-11-20: gene@home: Re-issue of old 'experiments'

Due to a partial storage hardware failure we need to redo some old experiments. We already used the results we got for the paper we are writing, therefore we need to keep the raw data for future reference. This old work will produce workunits which name starts with N_At_fos (with N less than 100).

2014-11-12: gene@home: Escherichia coli experiments (Update)

We distributed a small batch of E. Coli workunits (their names contain the 'Ec' string). Unfortunately our algorithm for the estimation of the running time is not working for them. So, until we'll fix this, the 'remaining (estimated) time' you see on the boinc manager will be underestimated by a factor of 2 to 10. However, despite of this, the workunits will run fine.

2014-11-07: gene@home: Escherichia coli experiments

We are starting a new series of experiments on a new organism, Escherichia coli, with the goal of mapping the complete gene network of this prokaryote. We just started to distribute a small set of workunits for testing the system. We already find some problems: the boinc client 'estimated time remaining' seems completely wrong (too short, almost zero) although the progress bar is normally stepping up, we will see...

[UPDATE] We aborted/canceled them all... They ended all with the 'Maximum elapsed time exceeded' error... we have to fix this before going further.

2014-10-08: gene@home: October update

This project is partially linked to the Laboratory of Biological Data Mining class of the Master's course in Computer Science at our University. Now the class has started. The students need a little bit more knowledge of the whole system before starting new 'experiments', thus creating new work. We all think that another couple of weeks will be needed.

2014-08-11: gene@home: August news

We are not yet ready to start new 'experiments', i.e. delivering new workunits. We were focusing on writing a paper about the algorithm we use (it's almost ready). Now it's exam time for students and vacation time for a lot of people so I declare the project as 'suspended' until the mid of September.

2014-06-25: gene@home: Planning new 'experiments'

We are waiting for all the recently distributed workunits to come back (just one missing by now) before taking some time to analyze the results and planning new work distribution. We are still in the validation/testing phase of the algorithm we developed, we have obviously to check it thoroughly before going into the production phase. In the meantime we are writing a scientific paper describing it and this also takes some time. However, expect some more news at the beginning of the next week. Thanks all again for your help.

2014-06-05: gene@home: Leave one out phase

Dear all,
we started a new phase for leave-one-out processing. Our goal is to evaluate the recall of our algorithm w.r.t. different parameters. We removed from the starting local gene network one gene at time in order to see if we are able to find it.

Have a nice crunching, and thanks to all! :)

2014-05-27: gene@home: Break! Post-processing phase

Hi all gene@home supporters!
We just empty our experiments queue, do not worry new works will be available soon! ;-)
For the moment we are collecting and processing all the results (just few are not yet come back). We are also checking the feedback provided for the application, in order to see if there are things that should be fixed or improved.
We hope in a few days to put here some results from this last experiments.

Thank you all for crunching! :)

2014-05-22: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

In order to validate our algorithm, we started several experiments, friendly called "empty" (because they didn't have a local gene network that will be expanded).
These experiments should tell us the impact of the "divide-et-impera" approach performing inference, with respect to the expansion done within every subgraphs.

2014-05-16: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

We posted a gif of the most significant plots we obtained from the first phase of parameters tuning here:

I really like scientific news!!
Good job, boys!

2014-05-14: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

To the initial work programmed for this second phase of parameters tuning, we added a quite big deal of experiments.
In fact, at the end of the last week we received a new local gene network related to flavonoids. This was a good news because we can expand this new local gene network using the same input used for the first local gene network (FOS), since both of them are related to the flowering of the Arabidopsis thaliana.

We posted a gif of the most significant plots we obtained from the first phase of parameters tuning here:


2014-05-09: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

State: All (306) · In progress (110) · Validation pending (43) · Validation inconclusive (0) · Valid (153) · Invalid (0) · Error (0)

2014-05-09: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

As usual use the forum if there are any problems.

Over 20 wus ok, only 1 "validation inconclusive"

2014-05-08: gene@home: Parameters tuning reloaded

We have scheduled more than 10000 (ten thousands! :) ) workunits for a second phase of parameters tuning.
We are trying different parameters' values, hence the time estimation could be not always correct.
As usual use the forum if there are any problems.

Have a nice work!
Thank you all!

2014-04-17: gene@home: Presentation @ ICT-Days 2014

The gene@home project has been briefly presented at the Transversal Technologies Section of the ICT-Days held in Trento at the beginning of April 2014, here is the presentation

2014-04-03: gene@home: Parameters tuning

We started a new test phase where we are tuning the application parameters. We are currently expanding a flowering process of the Arabidopsis thaliana.
As usual use the forum for reporting problems.
Thank you.

2014-03-25: gene@home: Solved not unique download filename

Hi there,
we should have solved the issues arise yesterday related to the not unique filename generated by the work generator.

We also update the application in order to get a bette stderr from the executions.

Let us know if there are still problems,
Thank you all for the support!

2014-03-24: gene@home: Testing the new system

We just put on the queue about 1000 workunits for testing the new system. The work generator was completely rewritten and also the application has been modified a lot. We hope that we solved (almost) all the problems we found in the past. Let's see. A more detailed changelog will shortly follow. As usual, feedback will be very appreciated. Thanks all for helping us in this projects.