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Distr. Hardware Evolution
2019-05-09: Load Balancing

Hello everyone,

As announced in the forums recently we have expanded our server capacity. This allows us to load-balance you all across several physical and logical servers. Thus enabling more crunchers to be serviced and several benchmarks (goals) to be tackled simultaneously.

As many of you know you can find our island on the topology at Logical servers mean there are now multiple worlds/continents/archipelagos so you may alternatively find your island at: (or possibly

Happy Crunching!

Kind regards,

PS: Similarly you can see progress of each run at and diversity analysis at
PS2: A quick reminder just in case you missed the previous post: You need to be on app version 2.14 in order to be crunching with DHE now for two reasons: (a) load-balancing support and (b) expanded memory for larger benchmark support.
PS3: We are now tackling by far the largest benchmarks in DHE's history. ALU2 requires 293 gates to perform its' function and an extra 323 for conventional concurrent error detection. Congratulations all and let's see how much better we can do! ???

2019-05-08: Update your App!

Please ensure you are running the latest client (v2.14) as older ones will not be supported anymore.

In order to force an update simply abort all tasks.

Kind regards,

2018-10-09: Volunteers wanted!

If you're into coding, math, scripting, hacking, design, or sys admin and would like to be part of DHE give us a shout!

There's plenty of exciting stuff to get on with!.

PS: Badges ARE coming..
PS2: pm me or write to email

2018-08-20: DHEP Badge Design Competition deadline extended!

Until September the 15th!

Go on give it a bash!..

2018-08-09: Back online!

The Sussex users website is now back online so clients are resuming connections as normal.

This should be a rare event on such a large institutional website, once in a lifetime hopefully!.

2018-08-09: Sussex Users Website Down


The University users webserver (used by DHEP for serving class files) is currently down. (

We are looking into alternatives but hopefully all should be back to normal soon.

Kind regards,

2018-08-01: DHEP Badge Design Competition!

Badges will be awarded to those making exceptional contributions to our project.

Calling all talented designers to design the badges that will be handed out at DHE! The winner will be announced here, have a special contribution badge (of their own design!), and be acknowledged here: as well as your work being visible and admired by everyone in the community!

We are looking for badges to be attractive, eye-catching, and would be great if they represent in some way the project and activity being rewarded. There will be badges for participating in alpha & beta periods, for credit levels, going above and beyond to help the project in special ways, for islands originating certain numbers of 'best of all island' solutions, and many more...

All designs welcome at until August 20th!

PS: For ideas from other projects' badges: and

2018-07-29: BOINC Platform Issue

There has been an issue with the BOINC Manager spawning the 32-bit client on 64-bit boxes.

Perhaps someone will be able to explain why there is wisdom behind this. And someone has. Apparently "Boinc will try both 32 and 64 bit versions on a 64 bit host unless the tag is set in cc_config.xml, it does this to find which is fastest."

The 32-bit client is A LOT slower and will explain why anyone might have been receiving a lower credit rate recently.

A quick check to see whether BOINC is running the correct app version is to look at your Task Manager. There should be no java.exe *32 processes:

(In this case BOINC is running one task with the 64-bit app and two with the 32-bit app)

You can also check the app version on any results you're crunching of course.

A quick check of the database revealed about a third of all Windows tasks being crunched are being done so with the 32-bit app which seems way too high in my mind.

We have found the solution to this but have temporarily deprecated the 32-bit app until we've implemented it.

Aborting your tasks and updating the project should resolve the issue. If not a full reset or remove/add.

PS: If you'd like to continue crunching with a 32-bit box in the time being you can also use the standalone client:

2018-07-26: DHEP@BOINC is Officially Live in Production State

We are happy to announce we are live and open to crunchers.

If you are new please read the following before starting: as DHEP works slightly differently to other BOINC projects but we hope you find it rewarding scientifically and in other ways.

2018-07-23: REMINDER: Update your Apps to v2.03

Credit is no longer awarded for v2.02.

(To force an update abort all tasks and Update the project)

2018-07-23: Upcoming Website and Credit Migrations

In about twenty minutes the following, as all mentioned previously will happen:

o (and will be moved to a University server: .
o A one-off credit adjustment will be made to those near the top of the participant list. This is due to abnormally high rates awarded by BOINC near the start and will be made in order that those positions are reachable with the new credit system. The resulting total credits will still be very generous for everyone compared to the new system and this is to reward all of you for hanging in there during alpha and beta phases. No further such adjustments will be made from ther eon. There will also be badges for you lot.
o Any credit collected under the new system since the 2.03 app was released will be tripled as a one-off event.

Once the DNS entry is changed your clients will keep collecting credit without any changes required from you. However in order to get a new task, project update, etc.. You will need to make sure that your PC is resolving correctly and most likely a restart of BOINC Manager (or the whole system) might be in order.

2018-07-23: You wait for a bus... Website Migration

Hello again we will be migrating our webserver today.

This means the ip for and will change.

This will be done at the same time the BOINC benchmark based credit is switched off.

At this point credit will continue to be collected under the new system without any changes required on your side. However if you want your clients to pick up new tasks, update in general, receive news etc.. You will need to make sure that is pointing at . The sure-fire way of making sure of this is a system restart..

Thanks again for your patience (nothing else to migrate in the foreseeable future). Will keep you updated regarding credit.

2018-07-22: Credit Migration

Please update all your clients to app version 2.03.

The sooner this is done the sooner you will start racking up credit under the new system. Both old and new app versions will also continue collecting credits under the old system for a few days when the old benchmark based trickles will be phased out.

To force a client update you can (i) abort all your tasks and (ii) Update the project.

2018-07-20: Credit Migration

Over the next few days the credit system will be migrated to one that:

o Is validation based rather than benchmark based.
o Is trickle based (so Work Units are still dummys).
o Is proportional to actual work contributed to the science of the project.
o Is fair so a PC crunching twice as fast will get twice the credit.
o Tracks and credits the progress of each BOINC host.
o Calculates RAC.

Please bear in mind during this time some credits might slip through the gaps.

However also massive amounts of credit might be handed out in a one-off event.

Once migration has taken place we will be adjusting the credit rate. It will likely start quite high and then we'll adjust it to be on the high end of what other projects are giving.

2018-07-20: Server Migration - Please Flush your Caches


Due to having been misled by Amazon's billing system we have migrated our main server to the University Campus.

It's fairly chunky so should cope with significant load. However will require dns flushing (system restart safest bet) for clients to get to the right place. (ie. should now resolve to

If after 15 minutes you cannot see your name (with spaces as underscores) at then please abort your tasks (no work will be lost).

Thanks for your patience,

2018-07-20: Server Migration - Please Flush your Caches


Due to having been misled by Amazon's billing system we have migrated our main server to the University Campus.

It's fairly chunky so should cope with significant load. However will require dns flushing (system restart safest bet) for clients to get to the right place. (ie. should now resolve to

Thanks for your patience,