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2020-08-08: [TWIM Notes] Aug 8 2020

This Week in MLC@Home
Notes for Aug 8 2020
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home

This week we focused on behind-the-scenes work A new server for the project has been ordered buy may take a while to ship ARM32 and ARM64 clients have been created in-house but more testing is needed. Performance on the Pi4 especially is quite reasonable. We spent a lot of time this week trying to get both amd64 and ARM clients to compile statically to simplify deployment. However, the resulting binaries still have issues, and that path might not be an viable option. We intend to release a preliminary version Datasets 1 and 2 to the public for your own data science analysis as soon as we have at least 1000 samples from each machine type. This will just be a CSV file of the weights for each trained network and the label of which machine type. When the full 10k for each is done, we're release a larger dataset that includes that plus the trained models and some more metatdata about each WU's training progress. We're working on 2-3 potential different academic papers based on the work so far. One paper based on the analysis of datasets 1 and 2; another one (possibly combined with the previous) on using out weight-space analysis to detect trojan networks hidden in otherwise benign networks; and a possible third paper/talk on the engineering behind building a distributed computing project focused on ML. One conference we're targeting has a submission deadline of late September, so lots to do between now and then. In relation to the above, we're working on an new version of the client that can support CNNs as well as RNNs. This will allow us to build WUs based on more widely available synthetic network data. This week was a relatively quiet week in the forums.

Project status snapshot:
Tasks ready to send 39875
Tasks in progress 19815
With credit 448
Registered in past 24 hours 20
With recent credit 1428
Registered in past 24 hours 19
Current GigaFLOPS 23319.4

Dataset 1 and 2 progress:

SingleDirectMachine 9679/10004
EightBitMachine 9626/10006
SingleInvertMachine 9684/10003
SimpleXORMachine 9647/10002
ParityMachine 305/10005
ParityModified 29/10005
EightBitModified 795/10006
SimpleXORModified 6077/10005
SingleDirectModified 6039/10004
SingleInvertModified 6130/10002

Thanks again to all our volunteers!

-- The MLC@Home Admins

2020-08-01: [TWIM Notes] Aug 1 2020

This Week in MLC@Home
Notes for Aug 1 2020
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home.

Happy 1 month anniversary! MLC@Home launched June 30th, so yesterday marked the 1 month anniversary. Thanks to all contribute! We took a preliminary look at Datasets 1 and 2,and the results were encouraging. We are able to differentiate the nearly identical machines in Dataset 1 and Dataset 2 based solely on the learned weights, and we were able to plot the weights in 2D weight space, and see some separation/clustering. This leads to come interesting follow-on questions and suggests maybe loss isn't the only way to evaluate a network (thread here) Linux armhf/arm64 support is in progress. 32-bit client it up and running in testing. Follow along with progress here: Linux/armhf and Linux/arm64 support status thread. Dataset 3 continues in internal testing. Should be ready in a few more weeks. The deadlines for new and follow-on WUs has been moved to 4 days instead of 2. This should help the boinc client make some better decisions about scheduling work. However, many already queued work units still have the 2 day deadline, so this will not go away completely. New server will likely take at least several weeks.

Project status snapshot:
Tasks ready to send 62154
Tasks in progress 21940
With credit 382
Registered in past 24 hours 13
With recent credit 1305
Registered in past 24 hours 21
Current GigaFLOPS 23473.01

Dataset 1 and 2 progress:
SingleDirectMachine 9670/10004
EightBitMachine 9618/10006
SingleInvertMachine 9675/10003
SimpleXORMachine 9633/10002
ParityMachine 269/10005
ParityModified 15/10005
EightBitModified 506/10006
SimpleXORModified 3106/10005
SingleDirectModified 3078/10004
SingleInvertModified 3156/10002

Thanks again to all our volunteers!

-- The MLC@Home Admins

2020-07-25: [TWIM Notes] Jul 25, 2020

This Week in MLC@Home notes for Jul 25, 2020

A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home.

We've more than doubled the number of host participating in the project, up to 1100 active hosts! Relatedly, MLC@Home Is now listed on the official BOINC project page We've started processing some of the data, for Dataset 1, and hope to have some preliminary results to share later this week Datasets 1 and 2 are continue crunching away, see the live status on Dataset 3 is in internal testing, and will be even larger. Expect a more complete writeup of what these results are soon The project has secured a Raspberry Pi 4, and will be working on an ARM client. No timeline available yet. You can now follow MLC@Home on Twitter: @MLCHome2 Lots of discussion on the forum related to validation errors for a small number of results (less than 1%), but are being addressed as they are uncovered, see the forum threads under "Issue Discussion" A new server is being ordered!

Current work status at time of posting:
Tasks ready to send: 81035
Tasks in progress: 15139

As always, you can see the current project status on the project main page at

Thanks for contributing!
-- The MLC@Home Admins

2020-07-18: MLC@Home and CORAL

Exciting news!

MLC@Home is now a project of the The Cognition, Robotics, and Learning (CORAL) lab at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

This brings many benefits, not the least of which is lab space to run equipment, new ideas for research to conduct, and a place to collaborate with other researchers who may not be members of the BOINC community. Most importantly, being backed by a university research lab provides some assurance to you, our volunteers, that this project has both academic merit and a purpose beyond a single researcher and their goals. Over the next few days I'll be updating our website to reflect the new affiliation.

As always, please see our main website, for details on the current research, or join us by attaching your BOINC client to this URL:

2020-07-12: New testing WUs released

As the first round of 50,000 networks finishes training (what I'm referring to as "dataset 1"), I've released a few new test WUs for the next round ("dataset 2"). If these go well, I'll release the next 50,000 networks to train, that should keep keep the WUs flowing a bit more consistently.

2020-07-07: Windows support lands, and updates on dataset and progress

Today MLC@Home is proud to announce Windows 64-bit support[!
Windows support joins the existing Linux 64-bit bit support already available.

After 1 week, MLC@Home contributors have finished over 100,000 workunits, and trained over 14,000 neural networks. That's tremendous, thank you all for your support; and there's a lot more just on the horizon, so keep crunching!

-- The MLC@Home Admin(s)

2020-07-05: Stats are now exported; requires consent

The project is now exporting stats for stat aggregator sites. I've also enabled stat export consent which defaults to "no". If you would like your stats exported, please check the "Do you consent to exporting your data to BOINC statistics aggregation Web sites?" option under "Project->Preferences".

Thanks again for your support!

2020-07-03: MLDS release v0.911

Application v0.911 is out, as a bugfix for the 0.91 release earlier today.

This application is compiled with the same software as the original v0.90 This has means a) CentOS 7 is once again not supported, bug b) the extra crashes associated on non-Centos systems should go away. This update also fixes a checkpoint/snapshot issue present in 0.90.

Please report any further issues in the forum.

2020-07-01: Welcome to MLC@Home

Welcome to MLC@Home, a new BOINC Project

BOINC URL to join:

For an introduction, please see . I will continue to update that page over the next few days with more information. Please let me know of any issues you have with either the web site or the client. And thank you for your interest.

Here are a few quick bits of information:

Who are we?

We, at the moment, is just me. I'm John Clemens, a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). You can view my Google Scholar profile here: . You can view my outdated homepage here I'm studying ways to extract information from neural networks so we can better understand their uses and limitations. I aim to expand the list of researchers working on this project going forward.

When will Windows be ready

I'm working on it. It shouldn't be more than a week or so before a beta windows client is ready. But I'm a linux developer, so if someone would like to help, please let me know. I'll keep everyone informed of progress.

What happens to the data?
I intend to make all data available for download on the main website. Science dies in darkness.

Thanks again for your interest, now lets get crunching!

2020-06-30: Still getting things ready

This is a test news post, and a note that this project is still getting ready for prime time.

I'm still in the process of moving the application from my test server to the production one.
Please sit tight.